Why did Nam Han-jun become a shaman in Cafe Minamdang?

Episode 3 of Cafe Minamdang sees Nam Han-jun think back to the beginning of his stint as a shaman and how came to that decision.

Detective Jae-hui confronts him because she knows the truth about him, calling out the fact that he used to be a criminal profiler and is just using those skills to solve cases even now. So why did Nam Han-jun choose to call himself a shaman?

Fresh out of the pen

Nam Han-jun was sent to prison for evidence tampering in a high-profile case and when he came out, he had no job or place to go. He was picked up by Hye-jun who took him to see Soo-cheol.

Why did Nam Han-jun become a shaman in Cafe Minamdang? 1
The profiler eavesdrops on someone’s conversation

While he was waiting downstairs, he overheard a lady talk about her son who had run away. Soo-Cheol was running a private detective agency and had also bought the next-door office that belonged to a shaman, but business was not going well.

They weren’t sure about what to do because they needed some way to collect funds and work towards finding out who framed Nam Han-jun.

A sign from the spirits

The woman who Nam Han-jun had overheard earlier walks in but she assumes she got into the wrong office and is about to walk away when Han-jun mentions that she’s looking for her son.

Why did Nam Han-jun become a shaman in Cafe Minamdang? 2
The lady asks the shaman to take her case

She is shocked by his knowledge and assumes that he’s a shaman and asks him to find her son. She also mentions that she will pay for the service. This awakens an idea in his brain and he goes along with the flow.

He uses what information he has and with the help of Hye-jun’s tech expertise, finds a location for the woman’s son. The boy was cyberbullied into getting a loan from a loan shark and Han-jun heads there.

That’s where he meets Jonathan who was friends with the bullied boy. After Soo-cheol takes care of the loan sharks, Han-jun and he ggoesback, followed by Jonathan who asks if he can work with them.

Why did Nam Han-jun become a shaman in Cafe Minamdang? 3
Cafe Minamdang is about to be born

They decide to give this shaman thing a go as long as they all work together. Han-jun tells them that they’ll open up a cafe as their office where Soo-cheol would make the coffee, Jonathan would serve it and he would attend to clients in the VIP room with Hye-jun as their tech genius.

All this so that they can investigate the case of the dead prosecutor and find out who framed Nam Han-jun.

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