Gu Won: King the Land character explained

Gu Won is one of the two central leads in Netflix’s Kdrama King the Land, bringing a set of idiosyncrasies and quirks aplenty with a story that has several dimensions to it.

Gu Won is the heir and the young son of the King Group’s chairman Gu Il-Hoon. He’s to take the helm someday but his days go by without showing any initiative to take the responsibility.

The never-smiling lazed-out son of the wealthy tycoon is also a strong listener of his own tunes and prefers to carve out his own path.

The indifferent heir

Gu Won has completed his education and lives a lavish life even though many privileged people don’t get to live. However, he is not interested in taking over the ship’s helm which symbolizes his father’s empire.

Gu Il-Hoon, his father, continually insists, asks, orders, and even requests him to be more active and show interest in the things that’ll help him take over the empire one day.

King the Land Gu Won and Gu Hwa-Ran
Image source: Netflix

However, he won’t just hand it all to him. To do that, he must prove his mettle by starting work at the hotel at a lower post.

At first, Gu Won gives it a lousy shot, following which he returns to the UK and comes back years later when he for some reason changes his mind about working. He starts by taking the helm of the King Group’s hotel.

In search of his mother

Gu Won has been looking for his mother for quite some time. He left him when he was but a small child and she has returned all these years. His efforts have proven to be one with zero efficacy.

He has been failing to find his mother, even with the money and resources that rival those of the top most wealthy people. All he has of his mother is an old antique stopwatch that can’t tell time properly right now.

Unaware of what went wrong with his mother to warrant this kind of a response, the heir to the King Group has been trying and failing to find his mother.

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