Greta: Dead Ringers (2023) character explained

In Dead Ringers (2023), Greta is the mysterious housekeeper at the Mantle household who spends most of her time collecting the personal belongings of the Mantle sisters. Poppy Liu plays Greta.

Greta is introduced after Beverly spends a night with Genevieve, who feels embarrassed when she sees Greta in the morning. While Greta offers Genevieve some juice, Genevieve notices that Greta has taken great care of her clothes; she has folded them and put them in a packet.

Greta looks after the Mantle household as Elliot and Beverly’s housekeeper. From what the viewers can see, she has been working for them for a while now, as she is able to advise the sisters and calm them down. As caring as Greta is, she is also outspoken and doesn’t shy away from expressing her feelings.

Greta also chooses who she really wants to communicate with and sees through people. One can notice that she is quite sweet around the parents of the Mantle sisters, but she refrains from bonding with Elliot’s boyfriend, Nick.

The mystery around Greta

When the Mantle sisters are away, Greta spends time collecting a lot of their private stuff, including their tampons, fallen hair, razors, blood-soaked tissues, and a lot more.

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During one of these instances, she overhears a message Elliot and Beverly’s mother has left for them on the answering machine. In the message, the mother inquires how the Mantle sisters are doing.

Greta: Dead Ringers (2023) character explained 1
Greta poses at her art show

Greta grabs that recording of that message too and keeps it for herself. She carefully places all these items in bags and takes them home.

Initially, one assumes that she is investigating the Mantle sisters or is most probably a stalker who is obsessed with them, but Greta’s story has nothing to do with the Mantle sisters.

What does Greta do with the collected items?

In the finale of Dead Ringers (2023), it is revealed that Greta is using the collected items for an art show that is dedicated to her mother. Greta was born in the middle of the night and was so quick to come that her mother went into shock.

Later that night, her mother died, and Greta lived. The art show followed the theme of childbirth. Greta made use of everything she found at the Mantle sisters’ house.

The art show is successful, and Greta is left with a smile. An old man approaches her and says that she very much looks like her mother. In the end, Greta is seen having breakfast with him.

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