The Wrath of God (2022) summary and ending explained

The Wrath of God is a thriller about a young woman who has to suffer the deaths of her entire family and strongly suspects her former employer, a famous writer, of being responsible. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The film opens at a book launch for Kloster’s (Diego Peretti) latest novel. Once he’s done with his reading, the journalist Esteban Rey (Juan Minujín) approaches him and tells him that Luciana (Macarena Achaga) wants to see him and that he should go there if he wants to avoid a scene.

The next moment, as Esteban is talking to someone else, a loud scream is heard followed by a thud and everyone rushes towards the source of the incident.

It then shifts to 12 years in the past, Kloster is dictating his words to Luciana as she types them onto the computer. She then talks to him about mushrooms, something he wanted to be researched for his books. While she’s explaining it to him, he catches a glimpse of her underwear for a moment before averting his eyes.

After they’re done with work, Luciana spends some time with Kloster’s daughter before her mother, Mercedes, comes in and tells her she can leave. Kloster bathes his daughter and spends some quality time with his family.

Back in the present, Esteban gets a call from Luciana asking to meet. Luciana worked for Esteban around the same time that she did for Kloster and she wants to tell Esteban something that happened back then.

She believes that Kloster has been murdering the members of her family one by one over the years and wants Esteban to shed some light on it since he is now a journalist at a newspaper.

During one of their sessions together, Kloster kisses Luciana and she pushes away. He claims to have misunderstood the situation because he thought she was clearly sending him signals of her interest. She leaves his house in disgust.

Soon after, Kloster’s wife and daughter return from an outing but his wife appears to be quite irritated. It is revealed that she’s suffering from some mental issues and is in recovery.

Luciana and her mother later visit a lawyer to explore a case for wrongful termination and sexual harassment. After hearing all this, Esteban says that he’s not ready to back Luciana because he doesn’t want to make someone as famous and well-connected as Kloster his enemy.

On the day that Luciana and her lawyer are to meet with Kloster, he arrives late, signs a cheque and agrees to the settlement without saying a word. The mediator says that he must be in distress because his wife and daughter had recently passed.

On their first vacation after this ordeal, Luciana and her family are spending time at their beach house but Luciana believes that Kloster is there. The others tell her that she’s just imagining things. Her brother Rami works as a lifeguard at that beach.

When a storm closes on the beach, Rami asks everyone to head back in but after he doesn’t show up his family get worried. They head out to the beach and find him lying motionless. For a brief moment, Luciana sees Kloster but he disappears the next as her oldest brother Bruno tries to revive Rami.

Esteban drafts an article about Luciana’s story and takes it to his editor who agrees to give him a chance if he can get an interview with Kloster himself. He begins to dig deeper into the story and contacts Kloster to secure an interview.

Sometime after Rami’s death, Luciana’s parents are celebrating their anniversary with their traditional mushroom pie. Bruno calls her up later telling her that they’re headed to the hospital because they have been poisoned. Her mother barely survives while her father does not make it.

Luciana is convinced that this was Kloster’s doing as he knew about the mushroom pie tradition as well. Esteban goes out to the now-abandoned beach house and meets a neighbour who tells him the tragedy was hard to comprehend because Luciana’s mother was an expert on mushrooms and would not make such a silly mistake.

More time has passed and Luciana’s younger sister Valentina is now in high school and Luciana is being overprotective. Bruno heads out for his shift at the hospital but once he reaches there, a man approaches him and beats him to death for sleeping with his wife.

The police state that it’s confounding how the culprit got out of jail because he was supposed to be doing 25 years for murder. Luciana says that her brother could not have been having an affair and that this is all Kloster’s doing but the police are not able to link him in any way.

Esteban speaks to the lead detective in the case and he confirms that back then they were not able to figure out how the man got out of prison and that Luciana ended up harassing them to pursue a case against Kloster.

Esteban finally gets his chance to interview Kloster at his home and his editor tells him not to screw it up.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here is a complete breakdown.

The Wrath of God (2022) ending explained in detail:

Hearing the other side

One particular day when Kloster’s wife and daughter are alone at home, She receives a letter in his name. It turns out to be the lawsuit by Luciana and this sends Mercedes spiralling. While she’s bathing her daughter, she hits her in the head in a fit of rage and kills her, then proceeds to commit suicide by overdosing on her medication.

While interviewing Kloster, Esteban states that when everything is considered together it is slightly suspicious that Kloster is somehow always around or linked in some vague way to the deaths in Luciana’s family.

Kloster says that is pure coincidence and he believes that it is divine justice that Luciana is facing so much loss in life after the pain she caused him. He blames her for the break that his wife suffered. He then concludes the interview by stating that he has another interview scheduled for a school project.

The straw that breaks the camel’s back

Luciana and Valentina visit their mother who has been in a nursing home suffering from neurological issues ever since the poisoning. When they leave there Luciana sees Kloster inside a shop nearby and she freaks out. This is what makes her contact Esteban at the beginning.

Esteban has a draft ready but by then his editor finds an article he had written 10 years ago criticising Kloster for using his wife and daughter’s death as a way to gain popularity within the public. His editor tells him that he can’t trust Esteban anymore and fires him.

Luciana finds out that Valentina was the student who interviewed Kloster for her project and wants to end things so she asks Esteban to get her a meeting with Kloster. He takes her to his book launch because he still has a press pass for it.

Breaking the cycle

The story circles back to the beginning as Esteban ask Luciana to wait on the upper floors while he gets Kloster to meet her. The same events occur as Kloster goes up there to face Luciana.

She confronts him and tells him that she’s tired of all the hurt and pain that he has put her through. She asks him what it will take to end his vengeance and spare Valentina’s life. He tells her that it has always been in her hands.

She understands what he says and proceeds to jump off the balcony and commit suicide. Kloster gets the revenge he had wanted from the beginning.

Later on, Valentina and Kloster are watching as Luciana’s body is being cremated. Esteban comes to pay his respects and has a few words with Kloster. He condemns Kloster for getting close to Valentina who is a young girl but Kloster has no sense of guilt or regret.

Esteban still has doubts about whether this was just extremely bad luck or a scheme planned by Kloster. Kloster tells him to be careful of what he thinks, or else he’ll end up like Luciana as well, before leaving with Valentina.

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