Genevieve: Dead Ringers (2023) character explained

In Dead Ringers (2023), Elliot feels abandoned when her twin sister, Beverly, finds love with Genevieve, and they both decide to start a life away from her.

Genevieve is a popular TV actress who comes to Beverly for a hysterosalpingogram. Beverly feels nervous around her, considering that she is attracted to the actress.

To protect herself from embarrassment in front of Genevieve, Beverly switches places with her twin sister, Elliot, and allows her to examine Genevieve. The results of Genevieve’s hysterosalpingogram suggest that she might face an early birth or miscarriage.

Genevieve has other options for pregnancy, but she is not ready to hear them right away. Elliot attempts to help her sister, Beverly, a bit by asking Genevieve out for a drink. Genevieve, at first, calls this inappropriate.

Elliot gets Genevieve for Beverly

Beverly doesn’t pay heed to Elliot when she offers to get Genevieve for her. Elliot still volunteers and meets Genevieve at the bar, and they indulge in a conversation. Genevieve shares that she is an army brat, and as a child, her family had to move a lot, which helped Genevieve explore and find her calling as an actress.

Amidst the conversation, Elliot gives Genevieve a kiss. When Elliot asks her out, Genevieve invites her to a press junket. Though Genevieve feels this is a lot, it’s not like she doesn’t want to see her again.

Elliot shares this with Beverly, who initially says that they can’t have a romantic relationship with patients. At the same time, Beverly feels glad that Elliot did what she did when her sister lets her know when she is seeing Genevieve again.

Genevieve hurts Elliot & Beverly’s relationship

Beverly goes to meet Genevieve at the press junket. The two talk and get along. Genevieve doesn’t know who the Mantle sisters are, and she finds out about Elliot the next day after spending a night with Beverly.

All Genevieve asks Beverly is to tell her that she is the only one who has met her all along. Beverly promises her, and their relationship continues to flourish.

Genevieve: Dead Ringers (2023) character explained 1
Elliot questions Genevieve’s intentions

Beverly starts pursuing this relationship seriously, making Elliot disappointed, who had thought this was just going to be a fling. Beverly makes it clear to Elliot that this relationship is none of her business.

Beverly knows that Elliot doesn’t approve of Genevieve coming into their lives. Whenever she is asked whether she is serious about Genevieve, she doesn’t answer. Beverly accepts Rebecca’s offer just to avoid Elliot’s questions about Genevieve.

Elliot interferes in Genevieve & Beverly’s relationship

Elliot starts inserting herself into Genevieve and Beverly’s relationship the more they get serious. Elliot even questions Genevieve’s intentions once, and Genevieve’s answer is that she loves Beverly.

Genevieve and Beverly finally agree on having a baby, which leads Beverly to back out of the experiments Elliot worked hard on for her just so that she can have a baby.

Elliot confronts Genevieve when she tells her that she is taking Beverly away for the weekend. Elliot inquires if they are going to sleep together. That’s where Genevieve draws the line and reminds Elliot that she can’t have everything from her sister’s life, certainly not this relationship.

Beverly & Genevieve fall apart

Genevieve tries her best to ignore Elliot’s attachment to Beverly and focus on their relationship. Genevieve’s baby brother, Sammy, becomes the sperm donor for Genevieve and Beverly. Together, they put a baby in Beverly.

Genevieve: Dead Ringers (2023) character explained 2
Genevieve learns what Elliot and Beverly are hiding

Elliot somehow accepts Genevieve and Beverly’s relationship, but the fact they will be moving away affects her. At a family dinner, Elliot teases Genevieve and Beverly, and arguments break out.

Elliot ends up mentioning that she is the reason Genevieve and Beverly got together in the first place. Genevieve insists that Elliot disclose what she means by that, and Elliot reveals that she was the one who kissed Genevieve in the bar. The revelation makes Genevieve walk out on Beverly.

Do Genevieve and Beverly end up together?

When Elliot messes up a delivery, she is kicked out of the Mantle Parker Center. With Elliot out of the picture, Beverly gets back together with Genevieve.

Unfortunately, Beverly’s relationship with Genevieve doesn’t go as expected. One day, Genevieve intends to leave for a show even though Beverly is pregnant. When she is confronted, Genevieve claims that she has given up everything for her, as their relationship has only been about Elliot.

It’s actually Beverly who has given up on her sister, and these statements of Genevieve remind her of what Elliot used to say. Elliot had claimed that Genevieve is an actress and might be pretending, and Beverly starts believing that Elliot was right.

Beverly eventually realizes that she will never be happy with or without Elliot and everything she has. She lets Elliot have the success they achieved because it was Elliot’s hard work that made all of this possible.

Beverly gives up on her life and allows Elliot to have her babies and her identity. Elliot then moves on and starts a family with Genevieve, pretending to be Beverly.

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