Genevieve: Class of ’07 character explained

Genevieve is the overenthusiastic member of the class who likes to take charge and responsibility but is rarely taken seriously. The character is portrayed by Claire Lovering.

Genevieve is the one who organized the school reunion and is going around making sure everything is in order. She also wears a “school captain” badge but everyone keeps reminding her that she was the “caretaker” school captain after Amelia left.

The other name people keep calling her is “Pepe Le Poo”, a mean nickname given to her back in school after she shat herself at camp. She blames Saskia for the name because just like many others, Saskia made Genevieve’s life a living hell in high school.

A stubborn roadblock

Once the apocalypse arrives, Genevieve takes it upon herself to get the girls in order so that they can properly plan their survival but no one takes her seriously. After Saskia takes charge, Genevieve feels like she was unfairly cast aside.

When Sandy disappears, everyone else accepts it quite easily except for Genevieve. She continues her search long after everyone else has given up and only stops when they find Sandy’s farewell letter.

She is still suspicious however and notices certain spelling discrepancies in the letter. In the meantime, she also rebels against Saskia’s harsh rules and takes a stand even though no one else backs her up.

Genevieve: Class of '07 character explained 1
Genevieve is the first to stand up against Saskia’s rule

When Saskia’s behavior finally becomes too much for some of the others, Phoebe reveals Sandy’s bag to Genevieve and together they organize a revolt against Saskia.

Traumatic after-effects

After Amelia convinces everyone that Saskia deserves a trial, Genevieve stands against her as the prosecution. When Amelia calls Genevieve to the stand, she reveals how Saskia was the one who tormented her when she tried to use the toilet.

That led to years of therapy and struggle as Genevieve suffered from bowel anxiety and couldn’t go to the toilet in public.

What she doesn’t reveal to everyone was that weeks ago when she needed to use the toilet, she went to the chapel to pray for a miracle and finds a private toilet there with functioning plumbing.

Tegan and Megan find the toilet during the trial and interrupt it to tell everyone that Genevieve hasn’t been a beacon of light as she kept the toilet for herself.

Saskia and Genevieve are both vilified after this and Genevieve’s head is almost shaved before Sister Bicky stops them.

Genevieve and Saskia eventually make peace but it isn’t until the party at the end of the world that she accepts that Saskia is truly changed and she deserves to let loose for a change.

Genevieve: Class of '07 character explained 2
Genevieve and Saskia organize the party together and make peace

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