Class of ’07 ending explained: Does everyone survive the apocalypse?

Class of ’07 is a comedy survival series where a group of ladies attending their 10-year high school reunion are stranded following the arrival of the apocalypse and have to find ways to survive. The series is streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Zoe is a contestant on a reality dating show where she gets rejected in the finale and has a meltdown that is broadcast worldwide. She spends the next 6 months living at her father’s cabin completely off the grid.

When she notices some drastic weather changes, she decides to get back online and sees an extreme weather warning on her phone. She heads to the highest point nearby which happens to be her old high school.

What she doesn’t know is that at the same time, her 10-year high school reunion is going on there with all of her old classmates in attendance.

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There’s Zoe’s former best friend Amelia, who left school out of nowhere in the final year and no one knows why. Saskia is the former school bully who has apparently turned a new leaf in her adulthood.

Genevieve is the teacher’s pet who enjoys taking responsibility but is mostly remembered for the one embarrassing moment she had back in school. Sandy is an annoying American exchange student who was in school for only a year.

There’s also Teresa, Renee, Phoebe, Megan and Tegan, and forgettable Laura, a girl who everyone thought had died but is very much alive. Zoe arrives at the reunion and tells them that there’s something wrong with the weather outside.

They all focus on her public meltdown and after no one chooses to believe her, she decides to join the party and forget why she came there. Eventually, their attention is pulled when Tegan and Megan are caught on the roof of a gazebo thanks to the water level rising.

Suddenly, everyone remembers that Zoe knew what was happening and didn’t bother telling them but she claims she did and no one believed her.

The ladies begin to face reality the next day and cope with it in their own ways with Sandy making the biggest fuss and creating havoc. Amelia tells Saskia that she needs to go back to her old self and take charge or else they have no chance of survival.

Saskia starts by pushing Sandy out to sea on a canoe with Zoe’s help because Sandy would only bring them down. She then begins to take charge, assigning roles to everyone and serving as a hard taskmaster.

Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months as the ladies’ resolve is truly tested and they begin to crack under pressure. Everyone has their own issues to work through and with nothing better to do, they eventually face their troubles head-on.

Zoe tries to fix her broken friendship with Amelia and wants to find out why they drifted apart in the first place. Amelia is on anti-depressants but wants to keep it a secret from everyone else.

Saskia slowly turns everyone against her because of her harsh rules and behavior but in reality, she is struggling mentally due to the fact that she has her own trauma attached to high school.

She used to date one of the teachers and truly believed that he loved her but she was cast aside soon after graduating, and later found out that she wasn’t the only one. Phoebe finds out that Saskia sent Sandy out to die, and begins blackmailing her.

When Saskia’s antics get too much, Phoebe decides to tell everyone else and the ladies band together and revolt against Saskia, threatening to shave her head. They even have a trial after Amelia decides to defend Saskia but it doesn’t change the others’ minds.

Just as they’re about to go through with it, however, their old teacher Sister Bicky reveals herself. She was avoiding them until now and they were so focused on their own drama that they didn’t notice she was there.

She helps them get back on track as the ladies begin healing from their past traumas and begin working together again in the hopes of survival. Sandy turns out to be still alive and she returns to ruin everyone else’s life because of what happened to her.

She tells the others that there’s nothing else out there and there’s no point in going on. It is also revealed that Zoe helped Saskia push her Sandy out to sea and everyone freezes her out for keeping it a secret.

Amelia, who has run out of her anti-depressants for a while, convinces everyone that there’s no more hope so they should have one last party. Zoe tries to tell them that it’s a bad idea but they go ahead with it anyway.

While everyone else is getting drunk and enjoying themselves, Sandy tries to kidnap Teresa and escape but Zoe stops her and learns that Sandy is pregnant and that she lied about what’s out there.

She says that there are several cruises and floating communities that exist. She manages to grab everyone’s attention and shares what Sandy had revealed.

Class of ’07 ending explained in detail:

What does the class decide?

The morning after the party, the majority of students leave on whatever floats after learning there are people and communities out there. They even take Sandy’s canoe and leave her stranded there with the people she hates.

Weeks later, Zoe still believes that they will come back with help but Amelia tells her that after this long, it is highly unlikely. The ladies are reduced to eating things like shoes and furniture while Amelia has completely given up and is waiting for death.

They begin to consider the drastic option, eating someone, even though Zoe continues to be the voice of reason and tells them that they can’t decide to eat someone.

They ask Sister Bicky for a way to decide and she makes a “Survivor” joke, telling them to hold a tribal council.

What happens at the council?

Zoe tries to get Amelia out of her funk but has no luck. She asks Sandy if there is any way to get her hands on some anti-depressants and Sandy says that there is a community called Scuba city.

It’s made up of all the scuba instructors who suddenly found themselves well-equipped to deal with the situation and often make dive runs for supplies. Sandy also tells Zoe that anyone who cannot pay Scuba city ends up getting drowned.

Sandy manages to fashion a boat out of a project Zoe had initially started but failed miserably. She plans on leaving with Teresa so that they can raise her baby together away from these ladies.

Everyone gathers for the council that night and the majority of votes go to Teresa because she is considered to have the healthiest body. She says that she will be helping raise Sandy’s child and that should give her immunity.

The next highest is Zoe and Megan with two votes each and everyone piles on Zoe because of how she screws things up often but Zoe says that she’s the only one who can operate the radio, leaving Megan as the final option.

Does everyone go ahead with the sacrifice?

Tegan and Megan are the only ones truly devastated by the decision. Megan gets chosen but she’s the only one without useful survival skills. Amelia was initially called in to break the tie but she chose to abstain.

Amelia sees Tegan and Megan sharing a heartwarming moment together and then goes to the group to offer herself up as a sacrifice since she’s ready to die anyway.

Zoe knocks her out and offers to do the dirty work and kill her while everyone else gets the table ready.

In reality, she takes Amelia to the boat Sandy made and convinces her to go find Scuba city so she can get her anti-depressants and continue living. Amelia agrees to go and asks Zoe to come along with her.

Meanwhile, the ladies hear a broadcast on the radio of men who had been hearing their messages. They’re excited to meet other survivors but when they realize that it’s a hugely sexist bachelor party, they ready arms for a fight.

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