Footsoldier D: Go! Go! Loser Ranger! character explained

Go! Go! Loser Ranger! follows footsoldier D, who grows tired of the charade he and his brethren have to put up to glorify the Dragon Rangers, ever since their leaders were destroyed by the aforementioned rangers.

D is a footsoldier from the lot at the Sky Fortress that appeared 13 years ago. With all their evil executives dead, the dusters like D are all helpless against the cards they’ve been dealt with.

D is one of these Dusters, who are immortal, but not entirely. They can regenerate rather quickly and continue to do so again and again.

However, there is a limit to this ability. The power that the Divine Tools contain, can obliterate Dusters for good, meaning their regenerative abilities are constricted and they dust away permanently.

Their defeat, as well as their leaders’ defeats, has forced the dusters to act as per the wills and orders of the Dragon Keepers, lest they wish death upon themselves.

Powers, abilities, and quirks

D has the ability to transform into any appearance he so likes. He also wields the usual regenerative abilities that all other dusters like him do.

Footsoldier D is a resilient one and can keep his calm under stress. However, he also overestimates this quality of his and often gets too close to giving the jig up.

Footsoldier D power Go Go Loser Ranger
The transformation ability in effect

He is a passionate and fiery monster who dares and defies, and it’s his defying actions that inspire others as well.

He is also rather vengeful and brave in seeking that revenge, even if he becomes too worked up for the situations he finds himself in.

D for different

Amidst a pool of fear and servitude, D is a rebel who hates the Keepers and intends to defeat them all.

He has had enough of scripted battles between them and Keepers, where the people root for the Earth’s heroes and against the monsters and foot soldiers of the Villainous Army of Evil.

Footsoldier D rebels one day, and even after the conclusion of the battle in the stadium, he doesn’t turn back to return to the sky fortress. Instead, he heads off to the Keepers, launching an attack on them.

He gets manhandled easily, as he is no match for the Dragon Keepers. However, he has already snapped, and there’s no going back. So he remains on the ground, having transformed into a human.

He uses this appearance to infiltrate the Dragon Keepers and one day, finish them all.

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