Demosthenes Kouvas: Maestro in Blue season 2 character explained

The second season of Maestro in Blue introduces Demosthenes Kouvas, an investigator who comes to Paxos to expose Fanis. 

After Antonis kills Charalambos to save Spyros, Fanis decides to dispose of the body instead of reporting the incident to the police. 

Orestis and Alexandra also become involved in the concealment of the murder, as they help Fanis. 

All the parties involved then live in fear of their actions coming to light; their only consolation is that the body has not been found yet. 

Charalambos’ body eventually washes up in Italy, and the Corfu Investigative Office is notified about it. 

While some investigators attempt to cover up the crime and stall the investigation, investigator Demosthenes Kouvas takes it upon himself to uncover the truth.

Demosthenes’ motive

Demosthenes has recently retired from the force, but he is not willing to embrace retired life just yet. 

When he hears about Charalambos’ case, he immediately recognizes its connection to the illegal activities in Paxos. 

Like everyone else, he is well aware that Fanis, the Mayor of Paxos, works with Albanians and Italians and is involved in various illegal activities. 

However, no one takes action because they are bribed. Demosthenes also accepted bribes from them and dismissed cases similar to Charalambos’. 

Now that Demosthenes has retired, he has nothing to lose, so he aims to uncover the truth and expose Fanis’ crimes. 

He successfully persuades the person in charge to allow him to investigate, promising to credit him if he solves the case. 

However, he is warned that he is on his own, and if anything goes wrong, the person in charge will not take responsibility.

Making Haris’ acquaintance

With the information Demosthenes has acquired during the course of his career but overlooked, he intends to solve the case. He eagerly prepares to leave for Paxos.

Before leaving, he meets Haris. Unaware that she is Fanis’ mother-in-law, he flirts with her and invites her to watch his musical rehearsal.

Maestro in Blue Demosthenes Kouvas
Demosthenes meets Haris

Demosthenes has been a widower for four years now. Since the time he lost his wife, he became interested in music, although he does not have any talent for it. 

He ends up getting along with Fanis. The two of them are lonely and enjoy each other’s company, leading to Demosthenes asking her out on a date. 

It is then that Haris reveals that she is from Paxos. Realizing that dating a resident of the island can ruin his investigation, Demosthenes decides not to meet her.

Haris waits for him all day, but he never shows up. Soon after, the two of them meet in Paxos once Demosthenes starts his investigation. 

Haris pays him a visit to tell him that she understands his reasons for standing her up. She promises not to interfere with his work, and they part ways, but not without regrets.

Demosthenes then questions everyone in Paxos, and it does not take him long to realize that people are not being entirely honest with him. 

Sensing that Michalis knows the whole truth, he asks him to help him take down Fanis by revealing who murdered Charalambos, unaware that Fanis has been killed.

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