Fingernails summary and ending explained

In Fingernails, even after finding love in Ryan with a controversial test backing it, Anna is still unsure and studies this test further. The movie is now streaming on Apple TV+.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

A popular yet controversial test tells whether people are in love with each other or not using their fingernails. 0% compatibility means negative, as in they both don’t love each other, 50% means one of them is in love with the other, and 100% means positive, as in they are both in love with each other.

Originally, the test was created to define love relationships. However, 87% of couples that took this test received negative results. Many relationships fell apart when this test told couples that they are not meant to be together.

Since then, love training institutes have shown up. These institutes have bought this machine that tests love and are determined to make the bond between couples stronger so that they can receive positive results.

Anna and Ryan are one of those couples who have taken this test. They are one of the lucky couples who have received positive results.

Despite all of that, Anna is still not sure about this relationship. She feels lonely in this relationship. She even wonders what exercises are taught at these love institutes. Ryan doesn’t think they should explore these now that they know they are perfect for each other.

Still, instead of joining a school as planned, Anna ends up signing up for a job at a love training institute, where she will help people make their bond stronger before taking the test.

Anna works under Amir, who is one of the most successful instructors at the institute. Anna and Amir work great together and help several couples who perform well during exercises. Even then, not everyone receives positive results when they finally take this test after all the work.

Anna takes notes of the exercises performed at the institute and attempts to replicate them back home with Ryan, who has no idea that she is working at the Love Institute, not at a school.

When she finally tells Ryan the truth, Ryan stays disappointed with her for a while, but he and she both know how to make up with each other.

While Anna keeps questioning her relationship with Ryan, she connects with Amir at work. Anna feels the urge to react to her feelings when she figures out that the girl Amir called his girlfriend is not his girlfriend.

Anna keeps taking steps forward to learn more about Amir, and even Amir starts allowing her to enter his personal space.

Fingernails ending explained in detail:

What does the test say about Anna & Amir?

When a customer freaks out about getting his fingernail ripped off for the test, Amir calms him down by ripping off his own to assure him that it’s not that painful.

A curious Anna takes this chance to see whether her feelings are changing and if she is falling in love with Amir by taking his fingernail.

She rips her fingernail too and tests her compatibility with Amir’s. The results say 50%. Anna finds herself in a dilemma. The test has already told her that she is completely in love with Ryan, and now this 50% suggests that either she loves Amir or Amir loves her.

Even Anna’s boss says that a positive result with two people at the same time is not possible.

Do Anna and Ryan take the test again?

Back home, Anna asks Ryan to take the test again with her for fun. She works at the Love Training Institute, and they might get a discount. Ryan doesn’t agree with it and wonders if her feelings have changed because he knows his feelings have only gotten stronger for Anna.

Anna and Ryan end up in an argument, but Ryan ultimately agrees to take the test. For the second time in a row, Anna and Ryan receive 100%, suggesting that they are perfect for each other.

Is the test reliable?

Anna soon tells Amir about the test she did with his fingernail. Amir leaves work early after hearing that the result was 50%. She assumes that Amir is in love with her because she has retested with Ryan.

Still feeling conflicted, Anna visits Amir later, telling Ryan that she is going out for soup. Amir and Anna kiss and spend time together. Anna expresses how she feels alone in her relationship with Ryan, while Amir reveals that he has taken the test many times and has never received a positive result.

Amir’s experience made him think about what was wrong with him. Anna no longer cares that she tested 50% with Amir. Their conversation hints that the world has become overreliant on the test and that it cannot necessarily tell who is whose soulmate.

Anna stays for the night. She wakes up later and rips off all of her fingernails. Amir comforts her and applies antiseptics to her injuries, and the film comes to an end.

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