Express Bandit: The Railway Men character explained

In The Railway Men, a notorious thief, Express Bandit, comes to rob Bhopal’s railway station but ends up helping the people of the city after the gas leak. Divyenndu plays Express Bandit.

Balwant Yadav, also known as Express Bandit, is an infamous thief who has been evading capture for the past 13 years. He was an orphan who grew up on a railway station. At a young age, he learned that it is better to rob people instead of begging them for money and ended up becoming a thief. 

He gets all the information that he needs for his heists from a railway accountant. He targets stations that have their treasuries full and passengers who have deep pockets. 

When he steals from a legislator, the Railway Protection Force ramps up its search for him. Due to this, Balwant decides to lay low for a while, but not before stealing a large amount of money from Bhopal Junction’s safe one last time. 

Working with the stationmaster

Balwant disguises himself as a policeman and comes to Bhopal. He tells the stationmaster that a thief known as Balwant is going to steal from his station and asks for his permission to guard the safe.

The stationmaster is suspicious of him, so he keeps an eye on him. Before the stationmaster can find out whether the policeman is telling the truth or not, the gas leak from the Union Carbide factory starts killing people.

The stationmaster tries his best to keep the people at the station safe, and it is Balwant who helps him. As everyone believes that he is a policeman, Balwant is able to use his authority to get people to follow the stationmaster’s instructions.

When the people try to oppose the stationmaster or cause a ruckus, Balwant calms them down and maintains order. The stationmaster starts trusting him enough to leave him in charge when he goes to check the phone lines. 

The Railway Men Express Bandit
Balwant helps the stationmaster save the passengers

Balwant takes this opportunity to steal the money from the safe, but he is caught by the stationmaster’s junior. The junior chooses not to tell the stationmaster about the incident, as they all need Balwant’s help. 

Selfless deeds

It turns out that the stationmaster already knew that the man he has been working with is Express Bandit. When the stationmaster asks him if he can be trusted, Balwant assures him that he can place his trust in him. They work together and save as many people as they can.

Just when Balwant is leaving the city with the others, he is told about the relief train’s arrival. He decides to stay back to ensure the safe arrival of the relief train. The stationmaster’s selfless actions gain his respect and inspire him to follow in his footsteps.

The Railway Men Express Bandit
Balwant does not leave Bhopal when he hears about the relief train’s arrival

After working all night, the stationmaster passes out. Balwant believes that the stationmaster is dead, so he takes his keys to the safe and steals the money that is kept at the station.

However, when he is leaving the city, he hears two people discussing the theft. They believe that the stationmaster stole the money and fled. Balwant, who has witnessed the stationmaster risking his life all night to save people, refuses to let anything tarnish his reputation.

He returns the money back to its place and keeps only a single banknote for himself. He leaves for Delhi and returns to Bhopal a year later, only to find the stationmaster alive and well. The two men are glad to see each other alive.

Balwant gives the banknote to the stationmaster as a reward for his bravery. When the stationmaster asks him not to steal again, Balwant tells him his real name to let him know that he does not intend to steal anymore.

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