Delivery by Christmas ending explained: Does Krzysztof get his parcel?

‘Delivery by Christmas’ is Netflix’s latest Polish and Christmas-themed release. The story revolves around a hardworking courier lady, who tries to save the spirit of Christmas after a mishap in gift delivery.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

Maria is a good-natured, single mother who does her best at work. She is a courier by profession and since it is the holiday season, Maria takes her son Maks along with her. On one such delivery, Maria gets to meet Krzysztof.

Krzysztof asks Maria to visit his grandfather’s house and ask for something that is to be delivered to him. Upon doing so, Maria gets a parcel and she keeps the parcel with other items that she is to deliver the very next day. Maria has an awkward encounter with her co-worker, who, out of spite, changes all the delivery labels of the parcels that Maria is to deliver.

Krzysztof is desperate to get the parcel which is originally his parcel, and thus, joins Maria in the mission to retrieve them and deliver them to their correct addresses. Amidst this, it is seen that Maria has bought a gift for Maks, a vintage boat, which is wrongly delivered to someone else too.

Krzysztof is trying to take matters into his own hands but then, he is caught by police for stealing Maria’s work van. With this, he finds out that Maria’s car’s technical inspection is overdue. Just as he is about to get arrested – Krzysztof flees.

By the end of the night, Maria tries to fix the mishap but Krzysztof does not get the parcel he wished to receive from his grandfather. It was an heirloom wedding ring. Simultaneously, Maria finds out that Maks has stolen a smaller model of a ship from Krzysztof’s grandfather. Maks and she go back to return it.

On the day of Christmas, Krzysztof gifts Maks a boat. While travelling, Krzysztof sees the same cops in a traffic cross-stop, with Maria stopped in another lane. Ultimately, both are arrested with little Maks in the back seat of the police car.

Maks’s fish is about to die, and the two police officials allow Maria and Krzysztof to throw the fish into the river, but their hands have to be cuffed to each other. The story comes to an end as Maria and Krzysztof have a bittersweet moment of endings and beginnings.

‘Delivery by Christmas’ ending explained in detail:

Does Krzysztof get his parcel?

It was Krzysztof, who had the realisation that his parcel was wrongly delivered. Once he realises that, Krzysztof finally gets hold of his parcel, with Maria helping him. However, there is a twist in the tale here.

Krzysztof’s grandfather was expected to send a wedding ring. Instead, he had sent an inappropriate-looking statue. While he did not receive the parcel with the ring as he had expected, he did receive the parcel that his grandfather intended to send him.

Do Krzysztof and Maria get together?

From the beginning of ‘Delivery by Christmas’, viewers see that Maria and Krzysztof aren’t exactly the best of friends. However, there is good chemistry between the two.

Towards the end of the movie, it is seen that Krzysztof and Maria are on good terms. Krzysztof advises Maria to move on from her past and she throws away her ring as a sign of letting go of ‘emotional baggage.’

Does Krzysztof reconcile with his grandfather?

It is evident from the very start of the ‘Delivery by Christmas’ that Krzysztof does not get along with his grandfather. Very little is known about the duo and why they do not get along with each other. The stained relationship is one of the highlights of the storyline.

When Krzysztof finds that his grandfather has sent a parcel of an inappropriate-looking statue instead of a ring, he goes to confront him. Upon confrontation, Krzysztof sees that his grandfather has kept his room intact. After a very brief and limited conversation, Krzysztof’s grandfather tells him that if he ever wanted, he could move back in.

When Maria and Maks go to return the ship that Maks had stolen from Krzysztof’s grandfather, viewers learn that Krzysztof is going to move out of his girlfriend’s apartment and move in with his grandfather.

Is Maria able to undo all the wrongful deliveries?

The plot of ‘Delivery by Christmas’ begins when one spiteful co-worker mislabels Maria’s parcels that she was to deliver. Maria, with the assistance of Krzysztof, scouts about to get hold of as many parcels and deliver them to the rightful owners.

Due to the miss-delivery, there are several funny sub-plots. It is also seen that Maria does not get hold of all the parcels and therefore, is not able to deliver them to the owners. Even with a lot of effort, Maria is not able to undo all the wrongful deliveries.

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