Crypto Boy summary and ending explained

Crypto Boy follows a young man named Amir falling prey to the allure of Cryptocurrency to gain financial independence after a dispute with his father. The film is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Amir slacks on the deliveries and Omar, his father who immigrated to the Netherlands from Egypt and opened up a Mexican restaurant, is fed up with him.

Amir stumbles upon a cryptocurrency company called Crypcore and instantly folds on the idea of financial freedom that the startup’s CEO preaches on the stage.

He talks about it with his father who’s upset with him for not doing his work seriously. This dispute leads to Amir quitting the delivery job and Omar has to make them now.

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Amir gets on working with the Crypcore Capital and when he gets his bonus he seems to be on an upward career trajectory. He starts sending his clients their returns.

However, soon he comes to find holes in all this crypto dreamboat. Meanwhile, his father has an accident. Before realizing the company is a scam, Amir pours all their money and loses it all too.

Amir’s money and the people he got to invest their money suffer devasting losses and he hits rock bottom. He goes to take his money and also revenge but before something grim can take place, his father and best friend prevent him from further mess.

His life comes back on track in a short while as he and his father reconcile and work together toward a better future, with the help of their friends to boot. A new restaurant and a new morning bring hope as Crypto Boy concludes.

Crypto Boy ending explained in detail:

What is Crypcore Capital?

Crypcore Capital is a cryptocurrency startup owned by Roy Wagners. The investors put their money in and get a 2% return right off.

However, it’s only a Ponzi scheme, a scam orchestrated by wealthy narcissistic brat Robert W., the real name of Roy Wagners. He runs it as a front to basically steal all the money and send it to offshore accounts.

He used people like Amir as money mules, whose bank account he used to transfer money to accounts abroad while making them believe they were paying out the returns to their clients.

It’s just before the climax of Crypto Boy that Amir learns Robert has been arrested and the police also interrogate him, revealing to him how he’s been used and others have been robbed.

What happens to Amir’s money?

Amir invests not only his own money into Crypcore Capital but also the money that his father and late mother had been saving for his education in the Burrito Account for years.

Amir’s father later tells him to pursue proper education in finance should he feel serious about his crypto business, not knowing Amir’s already used that money to invest in a scam, effectively losing all of it.

Soon, Amir learns he’s lost all his money when he can’t withdraw his deposits, nor can anyone else, including Omar’s friend Bertha, who had even put his compensation money into it.

At the end of Crypto Boy, Bertha meets up with Amir and Omar at the new restaurant that they open at the cigar shop of Omar’s other friends Ans and Ger, who were initially going to sell it to the fast food giant Brownville, but instead decide on renting it to locals.

Bertha is now warm to Amir and puts aside her pain to have a good time with her friends again. She also talks to Amir about their money, which she says is due to be returned to them.

This means the authorities have traced the money and Robert W. has also been forced to return all the money he scammed from people.

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