Cobo: That Girl Lay Lay season 2 character explained

In That Girl Lay Lay season 2, Colin Bartholomew, also known as Cobo, a new exchange student, gets a hero’s welcome at East Packer High and becomes a star on his very first day.

To welcome Cobo, Sadie dresses up like Kamala Harris, as she is in charge of the welcoming committee as the class president. Principal Willingham also gets involved in the preparations for Cobo’s arrival, and Lay Lay just doesn’t get what’s so special about him.

Tiffany intervenes and explains why everyone is so psyched about Cobo’s joining. Apparently, Cobo is an elite gamer with a huge following. Cobo also has a popular online channel where he eats anything that’s put in front of him.

Cobo often eats disgusting things on his channel, but that’s what his viewers love about him. The whole school starts cheering the moment he enters East Packer High.

The conflict between Cobo and Lay Lay

Cobo, despite not being that special, becomes everyone’s favorite. Principal Tiffany gives him Lay Lay’s locker and forces Lay Lay to use a cat carrier to keep her stuff.

Cobo also replaces Lay Lay as a guest on Tiffany’s show. Though Cobo tries to be nice and pitches to include Lay Lay too, Lay Lay opts not to join them.

In order to prove that she is better than Cobo, she applies for the same job that he does, which is at Woody’s Boombox Burger. Woody agrees to hire only one of them. They will have to compete for that spot in the Burger Games.

Cobo: That Girl Lay Lay season 2 character explained 1
Woody announces that Lay Lay and Cobo will battle it out in the Burger Games

Somewhere, Lay Lay knows she can’t beat Cobo because he is, in fact, good at everything. Therefore, she relies on her powers to defeat him.

During the games, Sadie accidentally rips her pants out of excitement. While everyone makes fun of her, Cobo stops amidst the game and offers his jacket to Sadie so that she can tie it around her waist. Cobo’s sweet gesture toward Sadie changes Lay Lay’s mind.

Lay Lay admits that she can’t hate a guy like Cobo. She allows Cobo to win, and from that point on, they become friends, but Cobo continues to steal her spotlight.

Using a cat carrier for your college stuff is something Lay Lay started. Cobo followed the same and made this a trend at the school.

Cobo’s helpful nature

Throughout the rest of the show, Cobo continues to be a nice person who is ready to help anyone at any time, but he also likes to get paid for his service sometimes.

Cobo picks up different jobs from time to time because Woody pays him in chicken nuggets. Cobo agrees to help Marky with one of his business ideas, where he is forced to lose to Scoot.

Cobo also gets hired by Sadie’s parents, particularly by Bryce, who needs someone to do the housework he is supposed to do because he wants to watch the Tournament of Cornhole.

Cobo is also there for his friends when they need him. He finds a perfect pet for Lay Lay and Sadie in the form of a pig they name Bacon.

Lay Lay is probably the one who benefits the most from being Cobo’s friend. When Cobo notices Lay Lay’s rapping talent, he brings his father’s friend, who is none other than Run DMC, to Lay Lay’s house.

Run DMC acknowledges Lay Lay’s talent and even attends the talent show at Lay Lay’s school just to support her. All this could have not been possible without Cobo.

Cobo’s skills

Cobo isn’t exactly good at one or two things. Throughout the show, it is revealed that whatever he does, he excels at it. From just talking about himself to every other sport, Cobo instantly catches a skill and masters it.

Cobo faces his biggest challenge at an arcade basketball game called Hip-Hop-a-Shot at Boom Box Burger. The first time Cobo tries it, he hopes that his name will appear on the high scores, as it’s in his nature to perfect anything he picks up.

It turns out that someone named Zelda has a higher score than Cobo, and this person is revealed to be Principal Willingham. Cobo and Willingham battle it out to determine who is best at Hip-Hop-a-Shot.

After a cut-throat battle, Cobo wins the game. Though he doesn’t get anything in return, he certainly wins back his pride and confidence.

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