Chusi: Supa Team 4 character explained

In Supa Team 4, Chusi was the most elusive criminal back in the day when Mama K was a spy. Watching two criminals work together makes her suspect that he has returned.

When Mama K finally shows Team 4 her years of research, the first thing the team notices is the face of Chusi. Mama K introduces Chusi as the most dangerous criminal her team faced when she worked as a spy for the Intelligence Agency of Zambia.

What made Chusi difficult to catch was his ability to appear out of nowhere and disappear before anyone could come close to him and capture him.

As a master criminal, Chusi was stealing top-secret intel, original government files, codes, and encrypted transmissions. However, every henchman of Chusi that Mama K’s team caught always said that they know nothing because Chusi kept everything to himself.

Chusi kept all of the secrets in his mind by memorizing everything. In a way, he would upload these files into his brain and then destroy the original documents, leaving the government no access to its own intelligence.

How did Chusi end Mama K’s team?

Mama K was a leader of a young, elite crime-fighting group of spies. Mama K’s team included Chipembele, the Rhino, and her best friend, Towela, Imbwili, the Leopard.

Together, they invented a device called Brainstorm to retrieve information from Chusi’s brain. The plan backfired on them, as Chusi somehow knew about their mission.

Chusi: Supa Team 4 character explained 1
Chusi gets his hands on Brainstorm

Chusi not only attacked them but also used Brainstorm on Towela instead. Brainstorm worked the other way, as it was not tested. It erased all of Towela’s memories.

Meanwhile, Chipembele lost his eyesight in an explosion created by Chusi. Following that, IAZ shut down the whole operation and sent everyone into hiding.

Is Chusi back?

After IAZ shut Mama K’s operation down, crime levels in Lusaka dropped. Mama K thought that Chusi was gone forever, or maybe he had died in an explosion while escaping.

During the battle between Team 4 and Alley Gator, Mama K notices a drone keeping an eye on them. On top of that, watching Storm Drain come to Gator’s rescue made Mama K suspect that Chusi is back and that all of this is part of an elaborate scheme.

The person orchestrating attacks on Lusaka is revealed to be Mr. Lee Magedzee, owner of Magedzee Power Corporation. He has been trying to destroy Lusaka’s power sources.

By the end of the first season, he manages to stop Team 4 by getting his hands on one of their gloves and disabling the powers their suits have. Professor Greenthumbs, one of Magedzee’s minions, kidnaps Team 4, removing the obstacles in Magedzee’s path.

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