Supa Team 4 review: Formulaic kids’ show manages to shine

In Supa Team 4, four teenage girls receive a chance to become superheroes and save the city of Lusaka, Zambia, where crime rates rise with the arrival of supervillains. The show is now streaming on Netflix.


When a mysterious tornado wreaks havoc in the city of Lusaka and reaches Kamiji Secondary School’s Science Fair, Komana, Zee, Monde, and Temwe, four students, do their best to bring everyone to safety.

Mama K, who runs a fruit and vegetable stand and is a retired spy, takes note of their talents and enlists their help after taking permission from the principal of Kamiji Secondary School, Mr. Nkwashi.

Mr. Nkwashi thinks Mama K needs help at the shop. The truth is, Mama K has discovered that the tornado was not natural and was created by a supervillain.

She plans to save the city of Lusaka by forming an elite super squad with Komana, Zee, Monde, and Temwe, who are offered super suits and weapons for combat.

Komana, Zee, Monde, and Temwe become the city’s new heroes, but as they accept this new life, they face struggles of their own as they balance time at school.


Supa Team 4 has quite smart humor. For a kid’s show, it is packed with clever jokes and incredible wordplay that are simple yet hilarious, promising an enjoyable ride.

The team put together is a group of diverse personalities. Through the talents of the characters, in a way, the show encourages its target audience to pick up what they love. The show also successfully manages to teach them some fundamental life lessons through Mama K’s teachings.

The villains may be beaten easily, but some of them leave a long-lasting impact on a viewer, who is left wanting these villains to return and make another appearance. Such is the case for characters such as Alley Gator and Snap Back.

Snap Back’s rhymes and music can easily get the viewers grooving. What Snap Back needs is his own album. Meanwhile, Alley Gator stands out as one of the cutest villains who picked up this name just because he couldn’t find a villainous pun name for a crocodile.


Supa Team 4 doesn’t bring anything new when it comes to its superhero story-telling. The series is filled with tropes. From fighting for the good to hiding secret identities, the show follows the old rules of the genre that have become tiresome.

The series is also very formulaic. It’s acceptable that it’s for kids, but most of the subplots are easily predictable, even for kids.


Supa Team 4 runs like just another superhero show, for the most part. It’s the characters and the teachings that shine throughout the show’s run. The series only picks up in the latter half, where things actually start getting serious while keeping the fun element intact.

Supa Team 4
Supa Team 4 review: Formulaic kids' show manages to shine 1

Director: Dave Osborne, Jerry Forder

Date Created: 2023-07-20 12:30

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