Christmas on Mistletoe Farm ending explained: Does Matt agree to save the farm?

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm follows a widowed father visiting his estranged father’s farm with his kids, looking for peace in order to prepare his business pitch. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Matt Cunningham, a widowed father, navigates his life struggling to take care of his five kids and his demanding job.

A letter from a lawyer comes his way stating that his father, in his will, has left him a beautiful farm called Mistletoe Farm.

Matt’s colleague suggests that this is what Matt needs at the moment to prepare the pitch he will be delivering on Christmas Eve. A house in the countryside means peace and lovely country folk.

Matt kind of agrees and takes his kids along with him to the farm. While he struggles to move things around the house with animals constantly finding their way in, the kids befriend Beano, the farmhand of the place.

Beano introduces the kids to the animals on the farm and helps them get familiar. The kids eventually start loving the place, and Matt, on the other hand, starts realizing his duties as the owner of this farm.

Though Matt wants to focus on his pitch, the kids and Beano vow to convince him that the farm is way more important than that. Matt learns how things go around here and how the people of the village are convinced that he is their hero.

The Mistletoe Farm and Matt’s father were quite important to them and their unusual little village. They believe Matt will save the farm from the developers who want to tear it apart.

Matt soon began indulging himself a bit in farming activities. He aids a goat that is about to give birth alongside his kids and Miss Ashley, the vet.

Ashley and Matt got started on the wrong foot, but spending time together during the goat’s birth brought them closer to each other.

Amidst all of this, the business pitch Matt will be delivering continues to be a priority, while the kids discover the magic of the plant mistletoe, which sparks love between everyone.

They tried that on Matt and Ashley and also made efforts to keep Matt away from his pitch. The attempt only made things worse, as Matt discovered a pamphlet of developers who might be interested in Mistletoe Farm.

The country folks try to defend the farm and persuade Matt not to sell it, but he opts the other way.

Beano and the kids don’t give up, and when the developers interested in the farm arrive, they play their pranks on them to make sure that they don’t buy this place.

Soon, Matt’s boss, Ms. Fletcher, comes looking for Matt, as she was expecting an update on his pitch. The country folk mistake her for the developers and shove her away as well, resulting in Matt losing his job.

Matt confesses how he won’t be able to raise his kids anymore without his job, and Beano promises to fix everything, but he doesn’t get a chance to do that as Matt immediately fires him.

With his kids against him, the village’s teacher, Miss Nerries, helps Matt realize how he betrayed his kids by being busy and not appreciating their urge to celebrate Christmas and the love they and the village folk gave him.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm ending explained in detail:

How does Beano fix things for Matt?

Beano accepts that he made a big mistake by costing Matt his job. He gathers all the information about Matt from the documents around the house, packs his bag, and leaves for London.

During his time there, he visits Matt’s boss and reads the pitch Matt had prepared. He then meets the developers who had come to Mistletoe Farm and explains to them what went wrong the last time they came to their village.

He offers them the farm again and asks them to come along with him for another tour. By the time Beano returned, chaos had ensued in the town.

Someone left Mistletoe Farm’s gate open, and the animals ran away, leaving the villagers no option but to work together and find them.

Does Matt sell Mistletoe Farm?

Miss Nerries’ speech had left an impact on Matt. He wanted to do the right thing. He left the house early in the morning to cut down a Christmas tree for his kids.

He was also the one who forgot to close the gate to the farm. The villagers, the kids, Matt, Ashley, and even the developers came together to look for the lost animals.

After finding each one of them, the developers sat down with Matt to discuss the property. Matt had changed his mind about selling the place, just for his kids, but he had already signed the papers, and the developers did it too.

Grumpy Lawyer barges in during their meeting and presents a special clause in the will of Matt’s father. It suggests that the farm cannot be sold under any circumstances.

It is only inherited property if you stay on the farm and sustain it for years to come. The developers back out of the deal upon reading that, while Matt and his family rejoice.

Is Father Christmas of the village Matt’s father?

Matt always wondered why his father never tried to reach out to him. Beano told him that his father did write letters, but they came back to him.

Matt took a look at them and realized that the letters were sent to his old address. Matt’s mother revealed that she was responsible for this, as his father never showed up on Christmas.

She had enough of him upsetting Matt, so she chose to let those letters go back.

The family later crossed paths with the town crier, who had dressed up as Father Christmas.

He wasted no time in disclosing that he is indeed Matt’s father. In his will, he never mentioned that he is dead. He only wanted to reunite with his family.

Matt reconciled with his father, fell in love with Ashley, and celebrated Christmas with the country folks. Though he got his job back, he decided to stay on the farm with his family.

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