Candy Sullivan: The Crowded Room character explained

Candy Sullivan is one of the major supporting characters in the Apple TV+ drama, The Crowded Room, playing a pivotal role in the protagonist’s life growing up.

Danny Sullivan led a difficult childhood, for no fault of his mother Candy, who always tried to provide for her son. She even did extra work to keep their family afloat.

However, when a “savior” entered their lives, she could not anticipate the horrors it will lead to for her son down the line. Upon learning of said horrors, she’d come to suffer from immense guilt and internal conflict.

A single mother

Candy is a single mother and works hard to raise Danny. She is shown to do two jobs to be able to provide for her son.

She also waits at a bar, where Danny first witnesses a striking instance of violence, one that leaves an indelible mark on his psyche.

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She does her best raising him but it’s a difficult endeavor since she’s not really solid on the financial situation.

In need of a savior

She needs someone to share her time with, her companion through this rough and tough going each and every day. She gets to have her savior in Marlin Reid, who meets her for the first time at the bar.

Candy Sullivan Marlin Reid The Crowded Room
Image source: Apple TV+

They start flirting and it’s green lights everywhere for Candy, and soon they get into a relationship. Meanwhile, it also proves to be a good thing for young Danny.

However, this savior turns out to be the cause of most pain for Danny and later on, Candy.

Conflicted sufferer

Candy hears about Marlin’s alleged sexual abuse of her son Danny. Marlin denies all allegations and keeps Candy shushed about the whole proceedings.

She feels immense guilt and a conflict that wrings her insides. She wishes nothing but good things for her child but she’s also wary of saying anything since Marlin orders her to not talk about any of the abuse or allegation charges.

Candy tries to finally break her silence and be there for Danny, but before she can testify to the court against Marlin, the man threatens her and influences her to the point that she feels no other way but to testify against the son.

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