Call My Agent: Bollywood summary and ending explained

Call My Agent: Bollywood is directed by Shaad Ali and written by Abbas Dalal and Hussain Dalal. It is a remake of the French series ‘Dix Pour Cent’.


Meher (Ayush Mehra) arrives at the set of an endorsement only to find out that his client, Dia Mirza, is over 5 hours late for the shoot. After she eventually arrives and completes the shoot, she’s quizzed by a reporter about her upcoming projects.

She states off the record that she’s bagged a big Hollywood project and the only thing left is to begin filming. At this very moment, Meher gets a call informing him that the Hollywood producers are dropping Dia in favor of a younger actress. He chooses to avoid her since he is unsure of how to break the bad news.

After being advised to undergo plastic surgery in order to make herself look younger for the project, Dia initially considers it and even ends up at the clinic despite the conflict in her mind. She ultimately decides not to go through with it and makes peace with her decision.

A mysterious visitor named Nia (Radhika Seth) arrives at the agency to meet Monty (Rajat Kapoor) but after an awkward exchange, he asks her to leave. However, she’s adamant that she wants to stay and grabs her opportunity when a vacancy pops up as Amal’s (Aahana Kumra) assistant.

The boss of ART, Soumyajit Dasgupta (Tinnu Anand), had gone to Italy on a vacation but he, unfortunately, met his end due to a suspected aphrodisiac overdose. After his death, the remaining agents scramble to secure his remaining clients in the hopes of steadying the ship. Meher and Amal find themselves competing for the same role in a Tigmanshu Dhulia film with each of them proposing a former client of Soumya’s.

On the one hand, is Meher and Ila Arun and on the other are Amal and Lillete Dubey. Ila and Lillete have a long-standing rivalry that comes to the fore with the two of them vying for the role. In the end, Amal and Meher convince Tigmanshu and the producer to cast them both, capitalizing on the raw animosity between them.

Soumya’s wife, Stuti (Aban Deohans), is not a huge fan of the ART agency or the Film industry as a whole. She’s keen to sell off her controlling shares in the company to the highest bidder, causing some unrest in the minds of the other agents. Monty also receives an offer to jump ship by a rival agency, looking to capitalize on the uncertainty of ART’s future.

After Meher forgets to send in the company accounts to their inside man in the department, they receive the news that they will be the subject of an internal audit conducted by someone unknown. When the auditor finally arrives, Amal finds her extremely familiar and after a bit of questioning, finds out that her name is Jasleen (Anuschka Sawhney) and she was one of the women Amal had blown off on a dating app.

Following their initial encounter, Amal makes several attempts to seduce Jasleen but is met with stern defiance. Back in the media side of things, Meher meets up with his client Akshara Haasan to discuss a possible role in a film directed by Farah Khan, but Monty ropes in her mother Sarika for the same film.

With the mother-daughter duo reluctant to work with each other, they intentionally tank their own auditions. Farah finally meets with them in the same room and while she isn’t able to convince them to join her film, she does succeed in mending the broken bridges of their relationship.

Monty and his client, Lara Dutta, are meeting with an officer of the income tax department. Lara is in a bit of financial trouble and is in dire need of work in order to ease the tension. Monty suggests that she sign on for Sameer Saxena’s latest film about a vegan terrorist but she spends the entire meeting worrying about her daughter who is just in the other room.

As soon as she hears that the filming will take place in Chambal for a few months, she immediately declines the offer as can’t bear the thought of being away from her daughter for that long and does not trust her in the hands of a nanny. Meanwhile, Amal finally manages to strike up a romance with Jasleen and the two of them end up getting intimate with each other.

The latest problem that rears its head in the faces of Amal and Meher is the constant bickering of the recently broken up couple, Richa Chadda and Ali Fazal on the set of their very own film. They can’t stand to work with each other and it’s up to their agents to calm them down and get the film back on schedule after several delays. After a lot of back and forth, Richa and Ali are required to shoot a sex scene, and after a tentative start to the scene, the two seem to find that romantic spark again while also causing a fire on set.

Monty’s father-in-law offers to fund the purchase of Stuti’s shares, an idea that was put forward by Monty’s wife, Suchitra (Suchitra Pillai). This news raises the spirits of the rest of them, but with so many moving parts, nothing is set in stone.

Will Amal and Jasleen’s relationship turn the audit in their favor? What is in store for the future of ART and its agents?

Call My Agent: Bollywood ending explained in detail (Episode 6: In the doghouse):

Fear of the dog

During a dream project between actor Jackie Shroff and director Nandita Das, problems arise when Jackie is asked to film a scene with a dog. He flat-out refuses and walks off the set. Amal tries to patch things up but she finds it increasingly difficult.

Nandita does not want to cut out the role of the dog as she believes it is the soul of the film, but Jackie is reluctant to work with a dog because he’s truly afraid of the animal. Nandita is not willing to compromise on her vision and even threatens to sue Amal’s company for breach of contract.

In another attempt to fix things between Jackie and Nandita, Amal meets up with the director at her hotel. She convinces Nandita to invite Jackie to her birthday bash so that they can bury the hatchet once and for all.

Trouble in paradise

While dealing with her work issues, Amal ends up neglecting her relationship with Jasleen, and this leads to a frosty conversation between them. She promises to make up for it when they head out for dinner later that night to meet Jasleen’s friends.

Before leaving her house, she checks with Jackie if he’s going to Nandita’s party, and when he says that he doesn’t plan on going, she informs Jasleen that she’ll just drop in and drop out so that she can run some interference. At the party, Amal gets really drunk and ends up getting frisky and making out with another girl. All this while Jasleen shows up in search of Amal to find out why she was late for their dinner.

Upon seeing her kiss another girl, she storms out with Amal giving chase and begging for forgiveness. Jasleen shuts down her pleas and sends her home in a cab, insisting that their relationship is no more.

The end is nigh

Jasleen finishes up her report and meets with all the agents to let them know of their fate. The company is done for, thanks to years and years of financial mismanagement. She does not mince words and tells them the truth, that she sees no way out of this hole for them.

Amal runs after Jasleen as she leaves to make one last-ditch attempt to restart their relationship but even after sharing a passionate kiss, Jasleen pushes away, wishing Amal the best for her future. Stuti asks Monty whether his father-in-law and wife knew about the audit. She’s never going to be able to get rid of her shares as the company will be blacklisted after this affair.

Later that night, all the agents gather around and decide to have a couple of drinks. Monty reminisces about his past while the rest of them drown their sorrows in the alcohol. They all eventually leave in their own separate paths, holding onto a small sliver of hope that they’ll overcome this tragedy, but deep down inside they know the truth.

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