Alkhallat+ ending explained: What happens to Hamad?

Alkhallat+ follows four tales of people from different walks of life. Each of these tales is tainted with trickery and deceit.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Alkhallat+ begins with wedding preparations. When Turky goes out of his room for a puff, he encounters a tier thief. The tire thief, Faysal, tries to escape with his companions. However, one of his companions decides to deceive him in order to save himself and the other companion.

When Faysal is caught, one of his companions suggests rescuing him for Faysal may reveal their involvement in the theft as well. The two then head back into the wedding venue and implement a flawed plan to save Faysal. One of Faysal’s friends also acts as his lawyer in front of Turky and others who kept Faysal imprisoned. The other friend panics out of fear of getting caught.

After almost getting away, Faysal and his companions are caught by the police. They are taken into a police van. As this story concludes, the words “He who has a trick in their bag, they shall use it” before the movie’s title comes up. Another story begins.

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The second story in Alkhallat+ is about Sara, who is a chef at a 5-star hotel. She arranges dinner for her parents at this hotel. With the help of her colleague, Sara is able to help her soon-to-be-divorced parents find affection amidst each other’s company. However, things go south when her manager returns.

The table that is occupied by Sara’s parents previously was reserved for another client. The other client is a bigshot which the manager is keen to impress. But, with the help of her colleague, Sara is able to decline their reservation and vacate the table for the parents. As the evening goes on Sara’s parents try to rekindle their relationship but behave indecently at the hotel.

After many ups and downs throughout the evening, Sara’s manager catches on to the deceit. Instead of immediately firing her, Sara’s manager encourages her to be a part of the process and bring her parents back together. After the success of the dinner plan, Sara goes back to thank her manager.

Sara is expressing her gratitude, but she realizes that she is terminated from her job. Her management stresses the fact that the hotel is for decent behavior and not for charitable purposes.

The third story in Alkhallat+ begins with a lady grieving for her dead husband, Fahd. Hamad, Fahd’s best friend, who was also in the accident, only gets a fracture, so he goes to see his friend who died. However, Hamad is only keen to retrieve Fahd’s phone.

Mrs. Reem grows suspicious of Hamad’s actions. She overhears him speaking to a friend of his, regarding unlocking a phone. Mrs. Reem gets a hold of Fahd’s phone and unlocks it using face recognition. She manages to apply spectacles on her deceased husband, in order to unlock the phone.

Upon doing so, Mrs. Reem comes across ‘Noor’. On the other hand, Hamad rushes to Noor’s residence in order to stop her from receiving any calls that come from Fahd’s phone. He is aware that Mrs. Reem has access to the phone now.

After much uproar, Mrs. Reem and Hamad come face to face in front of Noor’s house. Hamad continues to give excuses but all in vain. In the concluding scene, a few men offer their prayers for ‘two men and a woman’. Hamad is said to have died as well but the woman’s identity is left unknown.

The last story in Alkhallat+ is about Khaled and his son, Saud. Mr. Khaled takes his wife and two children to a fancy hotel. However, he only checks in with his wife. He manages to sneak in his elder son and younger daughter. Saud is a teenager, who does not have the smoothest relationship with his father.

At night when everyone is asleep, Saud finds out that a celebrity player, Captain Abdullah, is in the same hotel where he is staying. Saud sneaks out and heads to the in-house club where a party takes place.

Amidst the crowd rush, Saud too is taken inside the club. Khaled wakes up and sees that Saud is missing. He soon tracks down Saud’s whereabouts and enters the club himself. Saud and Khaled almost play hide and seek with each other.

The chase ends when Saud’s mother comes in search of the father-son duo. Even though the duo did narrowly escape from getting caught, they get exposed because of Khaled’s younger daughter.

Alkhallat+ ending explained in detail:

Does Faysal escape?

Faysal is caught by Turky, whose tires were stolen. In an attempt to stop giving from revealing their identities as well, Faysal’s companions sneak into the ongoing wedding and try to help him escape. Faysal is tied up and helpless, whereas one of his two companions does little to nothing to help the entire situation.

After much hullabaloo, Faysal escapes but only momentarily. He is caught again, but this time by cops. Along with him, his companions are taken into custody as well. Thus, no Faysal does not escape into freedom.

Do Sara’s parents reunite?

In the second story, Sara, the protagonist, is trying her best to reunite with her soon-to-be-divorced parents. She books a table at the hotel where she works as a chef. She risks almost everything in order to make the dinner date for her parents worthwhile.

By the end of Alkhallat+, Sara loses her job at the hotel. Her manager catches on to the lies that she projected in order to give her parents a dinner date. However, on the brighter side, Sara’s parents reunite. They rekindle their relationship without knowing what Sara had to sacrifice.

What happens to Hamad?

In the third story of Alkhallat+, Hamad is the deceased’s best friend. From the start of the story, it is seen that Hamad is in earnest need of getting hold of Fahd’s phone. His suspicious behavior encourages Fahd’s wife to snoop through the phone.

Soon enough, Mrs. Reem comes to know that her husband may have had an affair with a woman named Noor, through Snapchat chats. Hamad is trying to hide this secret from Mrs. Reem. When Hamad is confronted by Mrs. Reem in front of Noor’s residency, he provides feeble excuses.

In the concluding scene, a group of men offers prayers for the deceased. It is then revealed that Hamad has passed away too. How and what happened to him is left to the viewers’ imagination.

What happens to Saud?

The father-son duo is not on the best of terms. Khaled wants Saud to listen to his every word like a good son, whereas Saud questions his father’s credibility. When everyone is asleep at night, Saud leaves the hotel room to go visit a celebrity player.

Upon the visit, Saud is dragged into the hotel’s club as well. During this, Khaled realizes his son’s absence and finds his whereabouts. Much like Tom and Jerry, Khaled and Saud play hide and seek in the club; but they join hands to escape when they see Saud’s mother searching for them.

After narrowly escaping, the duo is ultimately caught because of Saud’s younger sister. She finds the club’s entry stamp on Khaled’s forearm and asks for one as well. This leads to the blame game between the father and son, where the mother stares on flabbergasted.

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