Hunters season 2 ending explained: Is Hitler caught?

The historical drama series ‘Hunters’ follows the story of Nazi hunters, who find hundreds of senior Nazi figures plotting to establish a Fourth Reich in the United States in 1977 New York City. The Hunters plot a mission and then set out to bring the Nazis to justice and thwart their genocidal schemes.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Season 2 of Hunters reopens with a recap of the previous season. It’s the year 1979 and Jonah is still on the hunt to erase the trace of Nazis. His other primary mission is to find his grandmother’s killer.

Jonah finds Biff in an Inn and executes him. However, before dying Biff reveals a tip that sets the course of the upcoming events – Adolf Hitler is still alive. Jonah now reforms the gang that was dissolved a year ago because of Meyer. Jonah and Millie bring back the entire gang and they head out to Argentina in search of Hitler. Harriet, Lonny, Mindy, and Roxy all agree to take down Hitler.

Jonah’s girlfriend, Clara is in the dark about Jonah’s past and whereabouts. However, her suspicions are prominent. As per the first attack on Nazis, Jonah and his team are taken down by Chava and her team. As this happens, it is revealed that Harriet is in on this attack with Chava. Subsequently, Meyer’s, or rather Wilhelm’s story slowly unfolds.

Jonah learns that Chava is related to his Safta. Ruth was Chava’s sister. Chava reveals that she knew her relationship with Jonah but kept it a secret for she was on a mission to make Nazis suffer. Upon the new revelation, Jonah joins hands with Chava and her right hand, George, to find Hitler.

The new alliance now sets out to find the Nazis who once were hunters for the Jews. In the process of different events, Clara ends up coming to Jonah, out of suspicion of him cheating on her. Shortly after, Clara meets Chava as a formality, but during the meet and greet, she stumbles upon the truth of Jonah’s real identity and deeds.

Clara wishes to leave until Travis and Joe with a small team of Nazi attack the hotel where Jonah and his troop is checked in. Travis and Joe attack on the orders of The Colonel, who wishes to protect herself and her husband, Hitler.

Travis kidnaps Clara and whisks her away to hiding. On the other hand, Joe’s past flashes in front of his eyes when he encounters Lonny, Roxy, and George at the elevator. Joe point-blank shoots George dead, but merely injures Roxy.

Jonah arranges a vehicle for Lonny and Mindy to rush Roxy to a hospital, whilst he runs to rescue Clara. With the help of Harriet, Chava, and Millie – Jonah finds Clara and rescues her. Much to their surprise, Joe betrays Travis and begins to help the gang get closer to capturing Hitler.

On another timeline, Wilhelm’s backstory leading up to Ruth’s death is being witnessed. The fake Meyer tries to stop Ruth from hunting down and killing Nazis. But much to his disappointment, Ruth is very much determined to bring justice. In due course, certain people learn Wilhelm’s true identity for which he murders them.

In the present, with the help of Joe, the troop heads out to get Hitler. Chava shares the story of Zev, the man she was madly in love with. He went by the name of ‘The Plague,’ and did all he could to protect the Jews from the hands of the Nazis.

Once the gang enters the vicinity where Hitler is in hiding, a showdown takes place. Whilst the team takes on the Nazi soldiers, Chava and Jonah enter the mansion and take on the close security of Hitler and The Colonel.

As the face-off occurs, Chava is killed while Jonah catches Hitler from escaping. After being cornered, Hitler is dragged by Jonah through the woods. Adolf threatens Jonah, saying that his men will track him down and kill him, effectively turning Jonah into a ghost. Jonah then speaks the tale of Zev.

Many Jews, along with the younger version of Zev, were in the protection of Heinrich Hansom and his wife Helga Hansom. The elderly couple would hide the Jews in the arctic or under the flooring. When three SS guards paid a visit to this house, they were eventually killed as they neared the findings of these Jews.

Another set of three SS guards had arrived at the house, and one of the guards, Tomas, shoot the elderly couple dead since the guards could be fired if they returned with no information; and Tomas wants the house for himself anyhow.

Following this, the Jews had very little time to survive. The adults were eventually killed whereas, Zev and the other children managed to flee. Having concluded the story, Jonah hands over Hitler to Zev. Hitler is soon set to face trial for his sins.

After being found guilty of various heinous crimes, Hitler still finds a chance to flee. Travis and Colonel have planned to kill Hitler and make it look like a suicide, after which Colonel will take over and rule. Despite the closeness, Travis betrays Colonel and kills her. He wishes to be next in the line of succession.

Much to his disappointment, Jonah and his gang did follow the ambulance that had snuck Hitler away. Travis is shot and injured but he manages to disappear. Hitler is caught and taken to prison. On the other hand, Jonah is brutally injured but survives in the hospital.

Straight back to the past, it is revealed that Ruth had figured out the fake Meyer and was keen to expose him. However, Wilhelm understood that Ruth must be silenced and gave an enemy the tip to murder her.

It’s 1979, and Jonah and Clara get married. Harriet and Millie are in a relationship, and Millie is rewarded for her bravery to catch Hitler despite her previous crimes committed. Roxy, Lonny, and Mindy are on good terms, but no one knows where Joe has disappeared.

In the concluding scene, Harriet provides Jonah with the tip of his grandmother’s murderer. The crystal-clear betrayal from the fake Meyer is finally revealed. The last mission to seek justice for Ruth is still left undone.

Jonah takes Clara to Miami for a honeymoon. As they speak of new beginnings in a café, Jonah keeps his eye on Ruth’s murderer.

‘Hunters’ season 2 ending explained in detail:

Is Hitler caught?

The central premise of the second season of ‘Hunters’ is about Adolf Hitler. He is alive and wishes to come back into power. When Jonah finds Biff, the revelation of Hitler’s existence changes the course of his plans.

Hitler is very much alive and maintains his staunch ideologies. He and the Colonel still think of a world where Jews, homosexuals, and others whom he does not approve of, will be eradicated from the world. As the season ends, it is seen that not only is Hitler caught – he is also found guilty in court. Instead of him getting killed, he is locked into a cellar for life imprisonment.

Who killed Ruth?

Ruth Heidelbaum, Jonah’s grandmother, wished to seek justice for all the cruelty the Nazis did to the Jews. She was a Nazi Hunter. Upon finding Wilhelm, who impersonated Meyer Offerman, she felt like she found her comrade. With him, she plans to take down the Nazis.

As time goes by, Wilhelm finds it difficult to stop Ruth from seeking revenge and further fears that she will find out about his disguise. Ruth in fact does make a deduction regarding Meyer; however, Wilhelm provides a tip to the enemy in order to have her killed.

What happens to Chava?

Chava’s purpose in life has been to seek justice for the Jews. Thereupon finding the truth of Hitler being alive, Chava does not leave a single stone unturned to capture Hitler. When Jonah and Chava enter Hitler’s mansion, the Nazi soldiers begin a shootout in order to protect Hitler. As they begin to near-in, Chava reminds Jonah of the importance of family.

As a quick plan is formulated, Chava fights the soldiers alone so that Jonah can corner, then capture Hitler. During this, Chava is killed by multiple gunshots.

Is Millie arrested?

Millie’s past haunts her. After murdering a priest, who supported the killing of young Jews, Millie lives in guilt. During the course of different events, Millie is close to confessing her grave sin. When the gang sets out to rescue Clara from a deserted village, Millie comes across a church.

Upon seeing the church, Millie begins to panic and finds herself with a guilty conscience. Harriet finds out the truth and comforts Millie. She assures Millie that the act was honorable and justified for the dead was a Nazi.

When Hitler is imprisoned, Millie receives a phone call from her higher authorities. They wish to award her for capturing Hitler; however, Millie finally confesses her sin. To this, instead of arresting her, the authorities applaud her. Millie is not arrested.

What happens to Joe and Travis?

Travis and Joe were recruited by The Colonel for the sake of stopping the Nazi Hunters and protecting Hitler to some extent. Joe is continuously haunted by his past where he was left to fend for himself – there was no one for his aid. When he comes across Roxy and the other gang members, remorse and guilt engulf him, thus appealing to him to help the Nazi Hunters find Hitler.

Travis, initially betrayed by Joe, is found alive and by the side of The Colonel. As the series begins to conclude, it is seen that Colonel plans on killing Hitler and staging it as a suicide, and then goes on to rule the Nazi party. But much to her dismay, Travis betrays her by shooting her in the head. His devious plan was to be the ruler instead.

When the police, Jonah, and Joe attack the warehouse where Hitler and Travis try to flee from – Travis gets severely injured. He merely escapes and no other trace is found of him. On the other hand, Joe too disappears after maintaining good terms with Roxy and the others. His whereabouts are unknown too.

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