Who is Alice Banks? Only Murders in the Building 2 character explained

One of the early highlights in Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building season 2 is the entry of Cara Delevingne as the new character Alice Banks.

While she initially only seems to be interested in Mabel’s talent as an artist after looking at the mural that she posted on Instagram, it soon turns into much more.

Who is Alice Banks? Only Murders in the Building 2 character explained 1
Mabel’s impressive mural of Arconia residents

Let’s look at the character in a bit more detail.


After Mabel is found next to the body of Bunny Folger at the end of season 1, she is considered the prime suspect in the murder of the former Arconia Board President.

And even though she, Oliver and Charles are released from custody and considered only ‘persons of interest’ after the police are unable to find the murder weapon, the whole ordeal weighs heavy on her mind.

When Mabel returns home, she checks her Instagram DMs and finds a video of Alice Banks.

Impressed by the picture of the mural she posted on social media, Alice invites her to the opening of her artist collective; the Third Arm Gallery.

When she meets Mabel in person, Alice asks her to have a look at their space to choose if she wants to be a part of their collective. Mabel decides to give this chance.

Who is Alice Banks? Only Murders in the Building 2 character explained 2
Alice invites Mabel to join Third Arm Gallery

Alice and Mabel

In episode 2, Mabel visits the space. Alice not only hints at the mysterious death of Rose Cooper, which is central to the murder investigation in season 2, but also attempts to help Mabel with her mental health.

Due to all the attention that she has been getting after the murder of Bunny, Mabel has been far from happy. The public considers her the culprit in the case, even going as far as to give her the moniker ‘Bloody Mabel’.

Alice constructs a statuette of Mabel and asks her to smash it to pieces as means of therapy since Mabel clearly doesn’t seem to be open to more conventional methods such as meditation.

Who is Alice Banks? Only Murders in the Building 2 character explained 3
Alice shows Mabel the statuette of her that she built

After initial hesitance, Mabel finds herself in the zone and violently smashes the statuette, with Alice recording the whole session.

As she feels better, the romantic tension between her and Alice peaks, and the two share a kiss. Mabel and Oscar had already decided to be just friends in their minds and Alice serves as her new romantic interest.

However, there still seems to be an air of mystery behind Alice. Why does she have so much interest in Mabel from the start? And does the recording play a bigger part than the simple rewatch value?

The character will likely play an integral part in the upcoming episodes, along with Bunny’s mother Leonora Folger.

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