Who is Leonora Folger? Only Murders in the Building 2 character explained

The premiere of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building season 2 greeted viewers with quite a few new details and characters including Leonora Folger, Bunny’s mother.

After the events at the end of season 1, Mabel was considered the prime suspect in the murder of Bunny Folger, when she was found next to her body with a knitting needle.

Who is Leonora Folger? Only Murders in the Building 2 character explained 1
Mabel was caught with Bunny’s corpse in season 1

The killing is linked to a mysterious erotic painting of Charles’ Dad. But how does Leonora link to all of it?


As the painting becomes the centre of the mystery, Bunny’s successor as the Board President of Arconia is revealed to be Nina Lin. Right after the announcement, the party is crashed by Leonora.

There is a notion flying around the residents that whoever took the painting killed Bunny. This is further complicated as Leonora claims to be the real owner of it.

As soon as she enters, she creates a storm. Leonora quickly figures out that Mabel, Oliver and Charles did not kill Bunny, but are hiding something. This shows exceptional deduction skills on her part.

Leonora is actually the daughter of the architect who built the Arconia, a playboy named Archibald Carter, and hid his own secrets in the building, such as a secret elevator that is now part of Bunny’s house.

Bunny, the granddaughter of the creator of the Arconia, spent her entire life in that same building.

Striking revelations

As the second episode progresses, she divulges more information regarding the painting. Rose Cooper, the artist who painted it, needed money to escape a certain man, and Loenara bought it from her.

She also provides Charles with some life-changing details. In the 1950s, Charles’ father brought him to the Upper West Side on the pretence of giving acting auditions.

In reality, he was having an affair with Rose Cooper, who lived right across the street from Arconia. Could he have been the ‘mystery man’ Leonora was referring to?

Not just this, he was actually having an affair with Leonora as well. The episode gives Charles some shocking revelations about his father.

As she departs the Arconia, she tells Charles that she has a feeling he will be looking for her, hinting at her playing an important part in the future narrative.

Who is Leonora Folger? Only Murders in the Building 2 character explained 2
Leonora tells Charles that she has a feeling he’ll be looking for her in the future

Update: In episode 9, it is revealed that it was Rose Cooper, herself, masquerading as Leonora Folger in this episode.

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