You season 4 part 2 review: Gripping narrative aided by smart twists

In the second part of You season 4, Joe struggles to expose Rhys, which leads him to revelations that make his situation more complicated than ever. The second part is now streaming on Netflix.


Joe’s persistent efforts to figure out what Rhys really wants continue. In order to do that quietly, he adheres to Rhys’ orders and frames someone else for being the Eat the Rich Killer.

Following that, Rhys also doesn’t let Joe enjoy his reformed relationship with Kate. Rhys sees Kate’s father, Tom Lockwood, as a threat to his campaign and directs Joe to get rid of him.

During their very first meeting, Tom Lockwood lets Joe know that he is aware of who he is and what he has done with Love. He understands where Joe comes from, as he himself has killed people when required.

Joe intends to befriend Lockwood and use his connections to take care of Rhys, who smells the rat from afar. Trapped between the two, Joe soon learns that not everything he sees is true, and he, after all, might not be safe to be around Kate or anyone he loves.


Penn Badgley, as Joe Goldberg, has continued to surprise the viewers. While the first part saw him donning the cape of a hero and being the detective, in the second, the viewers get to see how terrified Goldberg is of Rhys.

Badgley puts forth the conflicting feelings Joe has on his face, where he desperately wants to kill Rhys but at the same time has no option but to do his bidding.

Charlotte Ritchie, as Kate, doesn’t go through any changes. In fact, most of the cast members don’t. She continues to be the person who hates her father utmost, but when her father does appear, Ritchie struggles to show that hatred properly.

Tilly Keeper, as Lady Phoebe, will become a fan favorite with her adorable performance. Her character portrays the side of a social media influencer the world doesn’t see. Keeper’s character seeks true love too, and all she does is be nice to everyone, yet she doesn’t receive that kind of love.

Ed Speleers, as Rhys Montrose, is still intimidating, and it does feel like he is a tough challenge to Badgley’s Joe.


The second part starts off on a very simple note, with Joe focusing on exposing Rhys Montrose. Gradually, and in a very short amount of time, the show turns the whole thing around; it becomes more about Joe’s well-being and his future than exposing who Rhys is.

Both the parts of You season 4 and the new characters help Jonathan Moore look like a completely different person than Joe. Joe’s choices do make him look like a hero, but there is more to this character that viewers will be reminded about.

The show effectively creates an illusion for both the viewers and the characters involved in the show revolving around the events that take place. The stronger narrative allows this illusion to work, and the smart twists and turns are the cherry on top.

The creators have also been very careful about placing these twists at the right time. They could’ve easily been overwhelming, but one only ends up in awe upon discovering them.


The show gives a strong introduction to Tom Lockwood, played by Greg Kinnear, and his relationship with Kate was talked about a lot. Unfortunately, everything about this relationship is predictable and very similar to many father-daughter relationships from other shows.

Lastly, the show forgets about characters like Roald Walker-Burton and the rest of Phoebe’s friends. They were primarily present in the first part, but only get a few minutes in the second.


It feels like the creators of You realized that Joe’s cycle of putting an end to his lovers was becoming more repetitive. This saw them turning the tables and reinventing the show into a murder mystery and then switching its narrative again in the second part, only to pack more twists the viewers won’t see coming.

There is room for some aspects that can be predicted, but overall the fourth season of You feels fresh, owing to its different approach to Joe’s story, the new setting, and the new characters Joe interacts with.

You season 4 part 2
You season 4 part 2 review: Gripping narrative aided by smart twists 1

Director: John Scott, Rachel Leiterman, Penn Badgley, Harry Jierjian

Date Created: 2023-03-09 01:30

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