You season 4 part 2 ending explained: Do Joe and Kate end up together?

The second part of You season 4 sees Joe stopping Rhys Montrose, who is manipulating him to commit more murders, his personal mission. The second part is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Joe continues to dig more into Rhys, hoping to find a way to get rid of him. While Joe has become a hero after the events at Hampsie, Rhys is now closer to becoming London’s mayor.

Joe fears Rhys will soon turn the tables on him and frame him as the Eat the Rich Killer. Joe kept wondering why Rhys wanted his own friends dead, so Rhys visited him to reveal the reason up front.

Rhys claims that his friends who are dead now became a liability to his campaign in a number of ways. Now that they are gone, he plans to dispose of this Eat the Rich Killer story, and Joe will be responsible for putting an end to this story.

Rhys orders Joe to find someone they can frame, and if Joe fails to do so, he will be the one going down for all of this. At Kate’s art show, Joe searches for someone he can frame; someone who would sensibly sound like a killer.

During that evening, an obsessive fan of Phoebe’s, Dawn, shows up and locks Phoebe in a room with her. She forces Phoebe to be her friend.

Joe joins the search for Phoebe and becomes the first person to find her. He not only saves Phoebe that day but also manages to frame Dawn as the Eat the Rich Killer by throwing Simon’s ear, given to him by Rhys, inside Dawn’s belongings.

Thus, Joe successfully puts one story to sleep. After the show, Kate realizes that her father has sent another person to her so that he can keep an eye on her. She throws that man out of her house and invites Joe in.

Though Joe doesn’t want Kate involved, she promises that they won’t question each other about their past. This allows Joe to have a relationship with Kate.

Problems pile up for Joe when Rhys orders Joe to kill Kate’s father, Tom Lockwood, next because Tom is powerful and he supports Rhys’ opposition.

With the help of Kate, Joe meets Tom Lockwood, and it turns out that Lockwood knows who Joe is and what he did to Love, but he understands why Joe did what he did because even Lockwood has killed people in the past due to some unavoidable circumstances.

Lockwood promises to protect Joe and Kate, and at the same time, he also asks for information on Rhys. Joe suspects that Lockwood has something on Rhys. Joe plans to make friends with Lockwood and get a recorded confession out of Rhys.

Rhys figures out that Joe is betraying him. He makes things harder for Joe by claiming that he has Marienne in captivity. If Joe doesn’t get the job done, she will die.

Joe visits Lockwood, who offers him Rhys’ location. A story running on the news suggesting that Rhys’ memoir is fabricated has forced Rhys to go into hiding. Rhys is all alone at a country house, and this is what Joe needed.

Lockwood directs Joe to get rid of Rhys, and Joe wholeheartedly does the job. The only problem is that the real Rhys dies, but the one who meets Joe every day doesn’t.

It’s then revealed that Joe never let Marienne go. He kept her inside his cage at a hideout. He fed her and took care of her. While doing so, he was listening and learning a lot more about Rhys.

Joe tried to change himself, but this second personality of his, which later became Rhys, stopped him from doing so. This personality soon took over and started manipulating Joe.

Joe has never met Rhys in real life; he only imagines this other personality of his that looks like Rhys and intends to kill whoever threatens them.

Joe doesn’t remember what he has done to Marienne because it was Rhys who did it all. If Joe tries, he will be able to remember where he put her, but first, he needs to admit who he really is.

Amidst all of this, Joe’s student, Nadia, started suspecting Joe after watching him become a hero for his friends for the second time. She deduces that he is someone who knows more than he lets on.

Nadia investigates who her professor really is and ends up finding Marienne. Nadia promises to come back for her and save her from Joe after coming up with a plan.

After a lot of struggles, Joe finally remembers where Marienne is and finds her. Joe once again thrives to change his ways. He plans to free Marienne and end this cycle of him killing his lovers.

Nadia fails to make it in time to save Marienne, and so does Joe. Apparently, Marienne took the pills she had inside the cage to kill herself. Joe is left with no option but to place Marienne on a bench in the park and make it all look like she died due to addiction.

Meanwhile, Kate deals with her father, Lockwood, who not only offers her his whole company but also reveals that Kate is so successful today because he pulled strings and made all of this work for her.

When Joe learns of this, he agrees with Rhys that he at least needs to kill Tom Lockwood right away. Using Kate’s phone, Joe arranges a meeting with Lockwood. He kills him and puts the blame on a dead bodyguard of Lockwood he had to kill during their meeting.

You season 4 part 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Joe commit suicide?

Joe continues to believe that he is not safe to be around someone like Kate. Joe accepts that he will never have something good. He has tried this before, and it’s not going to be different with Kate.

This leads Joe to push his other personality, Rhys, into the waters. Following Rhys, Joe jumps into the river too. Though Joe intended to die, he got rescued by cops. He woke up in a hospital, with Kate waiting for him.

Kate knows what her father made Joe do. The DNA found on Rhys’ body tells everything, but Kate has covered up for Joe because, in the past few days, he has helped her realize that she is a good person.

In her soul, Kate knows Joe is a good person too, and therefore, she needs him so that they can help each other be good. Joe needed to hear this for a very long time.

Kate is ready to be there for him if he is there for her through the hard times. She then asks Joe about his past, and he decides to tell her the truth.

Is Marienne still alive?

Nadia’s pursuit to get Joe arrested continues. During this struggle, her boyfriend, Edward, starts assuming that she is using him. Nadia soon discloses to him who their Professor Jonathan Moore really is and what he has done.

While telling him the story, she also shares how she has actually managed to save Marienne. Plan A was to knock Joe out and hand Marienne a weapon that would allow her to kill Joe.

In case Nadia doesn’t make it in time, the duo had another plan. This plan saw Marienne faking her death using the drugs Nadia has handed her. The duo also gave Marienne a reason to kill herself to make Joe believe everything Marienne is doing.

Marienne had instructed Joe to contact her friend, who has her daughter. Nadia posed as Marienne’s friend and claimed that Marienne has lost her daughter’s custody, leaving Marienne no option but to kill herself.

The pills Marienne used are beta blockers. If taken enough, they slow down a person’s heart rate, and it looks like the person is dead. Nadia later followed Joe to the park, and when he left Marienne’s body, she came and injected Marienne to bring her back.

Now, Marienne is somewhere far away with her daughter and is happy for Joe, who has started a new life with Kate. She is just glad that life has given him a chance to redeem himself.

Does Joe kill Nadia?

Since watching Marienne, Nadia has concluded that Joe is an obsessive person who doesn’t let things go easily. That’s why they need to make sure that he is behind bars.

Considering that Joe is obsessed with people, Nadia and Edward assume that he has kept the belongings of his victims as souvenirs. The couple retrieves evidence related to Rhys at his apartment, but unfortunately, they run into him.

Joe confronts Nadia and explains to her that he has been given a real chance to redeem himself, and he intends to make the most of it. This has led him to kill Edward, whose body is discovered by Nadia nearby.

Joe frames Nadia for Edward’s death by placing Rhys’ stuff in her bedroom. Nadia refused to speak in her defense and still hasn’t spoken from inside the prison.

Where do Joe and Kate end up?

Joe and Kate are now the power couple running Lockwood’s company. Cynthia, who was once Lockwood’s assistant, and Lockwood’s resources have helped them fabricate a story around Joe that has allowed him to return to his old self.

Joe is back to being Joe Goldberg in the world’s eyes. He has accepted who he is and likes to think that love can be complete if a person is complete. 

Joe and Kate plan to change the world. Joe now has so many tools to do so, and killing is one of them. Furthermore, killing is a lot easier now, but Joe is now more honest about it.

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