Yellow Door: ’90s Lo-fi Film Club review: Nostalgic documentary is passable

Netflix’s Yellow Door: ’90s Lo-fi Film Club takes a look back at a little film club in South Korea during the ’90s, as its members sit down and collectively reminisce and recollect the good ol’ days. One of these members is Oscar-winning director Bong Jun-Ho.


The ’90s saw an exponential rise in the number of film clubs all around Korean campuses. The film aficionados found a creative outlet and an opportunity to consume and discuss cinema, as well as make something on their own.

One such film club was the Yellow Door Film Club. Now, thirty years later, members of the club come together to retrace their memories of the time and also their efforts together.

Meanwhile, one member among them, Bong Jun-Ho was going through his formative years in what would go on to be a great journey to becoming one of the most lauded and acclaimed directors of recent times.

He would release his first film — a short about a gorilla and a caterpillar. Later on, they’d go their own separate ways as Jun-Ho would become a successful filmmaking

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Yellow Door is a great dive into the nostalgia of the ’90s, and its warmth and comfort binge-type qualities are undeniable.

It also retraces the formative years of Bong Jun-Ho, who created a stop-motion film to show to his group members. There are many other members who still reminisce about the club.


The production is impeccable except for some parts that don’t quite hit the same way as others. The entirety of Yellow Door also doesn’t do much with its narrative, other than keeping it bare-boned and very simple.


Yellow Door: ’90’s Lo-fi Film Club inspires nostalgia and warmth for the days gone by while taking the viewers to the beginnings of Jun-Ho’s film career, and the whole affair comes across as quite heartening.

Yellow Door: '90s Lo-fi Film Club
Yellow Door: '90s Lo-fi Film Club review: Nostalgic documentary is passable 1

Director: Lee Hyuk-Rae

Date Created: 2023-10-27 12:30

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