Wingwomen review: Charming heist flick that steals your heart

In Wingwomen, a career thief and her partner decide to pull one final job before riding off into the sunset. The film is streaming on Netflix.


Carole steals things for a living, but when she finds out that she is pregnant she decides that she is done putting her life at risk. She wants to get out of life along with her partner in crime, Alex, but their employer doesn’t want to let them go.

The Godmother convinces Carole to stick around for one last job, and Carole is determined to ensure that it actually is. They recruit Sam, a maverick getaway driver, and then plan the perfect heist.

The crew takes some detours along the way and even overcomes some surprise obstacles, but the Godmother isn’t ready to give up her best asset just yet.


Mélanie Laurent pulls in double duty as director and actor, and her work in front of the camera is affectionate. Laurent’s turn as the experienced old head of the crew is wonderful.

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Adèle Exarchopoulos is fantastic as Alex, the “muscle” of the crew. She is easily the funniest of the bunch and her energy fills the screen so generously.

Manon Bresch gets to play an interesting character but doesn’t have the same kind of emotional hook. Bresch has her entertaining moments but doesn’t connect with the audience as much as the other two.

Isabelle Adjani isn’t terrible, but she doesn’t make for a compelling enough villain. Her performance isn’t at the same level and she doesn’t capture the audience the way she needs to.


The tone of the film is perfectly balanced between the thrill of the heist and the lighter mood of a family. The chemistry between Carole, Alex, and Sam is refreshing and infectious.

Certain sequences are shot magnificently, such as the entire encounter with the Albanians. Mélanie Laurent has a mesmerizing quality about her and the sequence ends with a splendid closeup of her following an engaging prelude.

Speaking of which, the side-plots provide just the right filler to the film, with Clarence’s bounty hunter and Alex’s revenge plan. They do not veer from the main narrative too drastically and successfully fill out the runtime.


The editing is a bit spotty and aggressive, especially during the early stages. The motorcycle sequence with Sam and Alex isn’t as exciting because of the cuts and the camera angles.

The relationship between the Godmother and Carole needs to be fleshed out more to make this the perfect story. While the ending is still impactful, a little more effort would have propelled it to greater heights.


Wingwomen is a fun-filled heist film that is softer than expected, and still just as captivating. Some brilliant performances and an adequate narrative mean that this film will leave the audience satisfied with the conclusion. A few minor issues are holding back the overall quality, but it is still a recommended watch for a merry experience.

Wingwomen review: Charming heist flick that steals your heart 1

Director: Mélanie Laurent

Date Created: 2023-11-01 12:30

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