Wingwomen summary and ending explained

In Wingwomen, a career thief and her partner decide to pull one final job before riding off into the sunset. The film is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Carole is on the run following a successful diamond heist with Alex waiting for her deep in the mountains as her getaway driver. Alex is calm, although she is a bit distracted because her boyfriend decided to dump her via text.

As they make their escape, they are pursued by drones with firepower. Carole takes over the drive and Alex tries to shoot down the drones. They finally manage to get away with their ill-gotten gems as Alex grumbles about her love life.

Carole visits a doctor who confirms that she is pregnant and asks her to take things easy for a while. She doesn’t reveal this to Alex but mentions that she doesn’t want to take on jobs anymore.

They head to the exchange where the buyers tell them that they’ve already made the payment to Carole’s boss, the Godmother. Carole and Alex meet the Godmother and tell her that they want to get out of the life.

The Godmother tells Carole that she is her best asset and there is no way that she will be allowed to just leave so easily. Carole and Alex head to their secret hideout in the woods which is made of reflective mirrors to hide them in plain sight.

They are attacked by a group of gunmen in the middle of the night who only fire at Alex and end up killing her rabbit. Carole is certain that this was the work of the Godmother and visits her the next day.

She tells the Godmother that she is done risking her life, but after threatening someone else’s life, she agrees to back down for a sizeable fee. The Godmother agrees to pay and lets her know that she’s sending them on another job which doubles as a vacation.

The heist takes place in Corsica and Carole and Alex visit Abner, their point man who tells them the plan and provides them with the contacts for whatever they need. He also connects them with Sam, the new driver that Carole asked for.

Alex is angry because Carole doesn’t trust her to be the getaway driver after an incident at one of their jobs. Sam turns out to be an exceptional driver, but she also has a bit of a temper and is inexperienced in other high-pressure situations.

They get their villa in Corsica and begin planning for the heist. They meet Clarence, a local smuggler of weapons and Alex is immediately infatuated by him. Carole asks for a second handgun so that she can teach Sam how to shoot a gun.

Sam and Alex are tasked with obtaining the blueprints of the art center they will be robbing as a team-building exercise. Sam pulls it off after running into a minor obstacle and Alex warms up to her.

In the days leading up to the heist, Alex begins training Sam in general fitness and how to handle different weapons. They decide to head to the local fair one night and Alex tells Clarence that she wants to sleep with him.

They find a room nearby but another man walks in and asks if he can join in. Alex convinces Clarence about the idea but as soon as their guard is down, the other man knocks Clarence out.

Alex fights him off against the backdrop of fireworks in the night sky, and together with Clarence dumps his body in the ocean the next day. Clarence says that there is a bounty on his head and this man had come to collect.

The Godmother follows them out to Corsica and reminds Carole about the time when it was just the two of them pulling jobs. She wants to ensure that Carole doesn’t have a change of heart and cut and run.

Wingwomen ending explained in detail:

What does Alex want to do before the heist?

Alex reaches out to Abner to find out who were the men who attacked them in the woods and killed her rabbit. Clarence lets her know that it’s a group of Albanians who are based in Italy.

She convinces Carole and Sam to accompany her to Italy so that she can get her revenge. She takes her position with a sniper rifle while Sam and Carole drive up to the Albanians enjoying a meal out in the open.

They provide a distraction while Alex takes them all out one by one.

How does the heist go?

Abner arrives the day before they heist and goes over the plan with everyone. They plan to use the local football derby as the perfect distraction and get Carole and Alex inside using statues.

Abner and his associate Rosa set up a food truck as a cover just outside the convent, and Sam takes up a position nearby in the getaway vehicle.

However, there is one major issue that Abner forgets to account for. A huge popstar is shooting a video at that location that evening, and the entire crew approaches Abner’s truck with their food orders.

His earpiece falls into the sauce and he is disconnected from the rest. Sam is constantly asked to move her vehicle by the crew, and Carole and Alex decide to use the crowd as the perfect distraction.

They steal the painting without too much trouble and get back to Abner just as he gets his earpiece to work again.

What happens after the heist?

Carole makes a call to someone after the heist and asks him to set something up for her and not involve the Godmother. She takes the painting for her meeting with Godmother as Sam and Alex take their positions nearby.

The Godmother sells the painting and confirms her payment before taking Carole into another room where Alex doesn’t have a line of sight. She acknowledges Alex through Carole’s earpiece and tells them both that Carole isn’t leaving.

Carole tells the Godmother that she doesn’t trust her, and then gives Alex the signal to take her out. Alex then proceeds to take down all of her guards while Carole tells her to make a break for it.

Sam tells them that the police have arrived and help Sam get to the rooftop so that she can escape. After an emotional outpouring, Carole faces the police and raises her pistol so that they will shoot her.

Sam and Alex are devasted as Carole’s body is taken away, and they don’t see each other for four years. Sam finally seeks Alex out and asks her to go on a trip.

She takes Alex out to a house out in the desert where Carole is now living with her young child. Carole promises to tell Alex how she survived as the two share a tearjerking reunion.

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