Who’s a Good Boy? review: Not bearable at all

Who’s a Good Boy? follows a high school student whose desperate search for love turns him into a dog to one of the school’s hottest girls. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


Chema, a bright high school student, realizes that he has fallen behind as every other person at his high school is in a relationship or is dating someone.

He eyes his childhood friend, Eli, but drops the thought of falling for her after being mocked by his friends, who suggest that she is more like his cousin.

Things start turning around for Chema when Claudia, a new student, arrives at the campus, and he gets to be the one to show her around.

He aims to best the other popular students and win Claudia before they do, but in the process, he ends up becoming a pet to her by being available to her all the time.


Sebastian Dante as Chema easily projects the awkwardness his character has when it comes to talking to Sirena Ortiz’s Claudia. The role isn’t a challenging one, it’s just picked from numerous teen dramas the world has seen over the years.

Sirena Ortiz suffers from the same as she portrays all the silliness around the hot girl character of Claudia.

Adrián Vázquez, who plays Uncle Jamie, forms an emotional relationship with Dante’s character towards the end, and their chemistry is one of the few things that are acceptable.


The soundtrack of ‘Who’s a Good Boy?’ takes all the spotlight from the plot, cast, and everything that the viewers see on the screen. The songs are catchy and perfect for a teen drama.

The language barrier is there, but the viewers will definitely move their heads along to the tunes.


The film overall is the same old teen drama, around the same old topic, with the same old formula and zero depth to the plot or the characters.

It wants the viewers to root for the lead character, Chema, but he makes the stupidest mistakes ever. Teenagers are supposed to be like this, but the viewers have already seen how these scenarios play out in countless other movies.

The jokes and awkward situations don’t offer a good laugh. At times, some of these sexual jokes are just gross.

The girls in the movie get no importance. They only serve as something the boys want to win. Probably the character of Eli could’ve been used to fix this in the latter half of the film, but it wasn’t.

There is a lot of drama that builds up around the end, which is quite formulaic and would make viewers roll their eyes.


‘Who’s a Good Boy?’ is a teen drama best avoided. It certainly has nothing new to offer, but at the same time, there is no reason to watch it either. The silly premise and underwhelming characters are unbearable.

The one thing you can pick out of the film is its soundtrack for further listening.

Who's a Good Boy?
Who's a Good Boy? review: Not bearable at all 1

Director: Ihtzi Hurtado

Date Created: 2022-11-23 13:30

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