Warrior Nun season 2 review: A competent follow-up to its predecessor

Warrior Nun season 2 follows Ava and the sisters fighting to thwart Adriel’s evil plans and save more than one realm in the process.


Warrior Nun season 2 picks up two months after the cliffhanger ending of the first instalment. Ava and the other sisters were defeated and the warrior fled with Beatrice to Switzerland to lay low and train, gather strength, and wait until the right time to attack Adriel.

Meanwhile, the convent is attacked and Mother Superion discovers that sisters have been targeted and killed in overwhelming quantities all over the world. She and Camila soon meet up with a mysterious but seemingly safe and trustworthy nun named Yasmine Amunet.

Pope Duretti pushes off against the increasingly powerful and influential Adriel as much as he can, but the followers of Adriel’s new religion are not easily swayed and have become extremely loyal to him.

Adriel works in tandem with Kristian, who has become faithful to him and has access to Jilian’s technology and resources while she’s busy with the Arc.

He creates plague and fogs and then performs miracles for the people and dupes them into being possessed by his army of wraith demons.

Meanwhile, Yasmine tells Ava a way to kill Adriel, following which they all head off to retrieve a powerful weapon that even Adriel fears. Lilith, meanwhile, joins Adriel’s side while Jilian finally meets her son who is all grown up now.

The final battle approaches and Ava heads off to make a sacrifice along with Michael to save others. However, she survives, only if not for so long. Beatrice and othes realise they need to send her to the other realm to get healed.

Duretti and Michael’s lives are lost in the mission to stop Adriel. Warrior Nun season 2 ends with Beatrice leaving her role as a nun and teacher at the convent.


Warrior Nun season 2 is rife with charcaters that all have their own intriguing storylines, and to portray such characters there’s a far capable ensemble of talented actors.

Just about everyone brings their A-game to the table this season, and with Alba Baptista coming into her own even more this season, the story and the lore only benefit you.


The second season has an even more concise and crisp runtime that makes the instalment an easy-to-watch affair with some great surprises along the way.

The fight scenes in season 2 are absolutely beautiful, choreographed with rigorous and impressive filmmaking techniques.


Ava and Beatrice are the cutest together but their relationship doesn’t receive a competent enough treatment by the makers. At times, the chemistry also feels off.

Some initially established plot points are not fleshed out properly while the final battle between Ava and Adriel feels off.


Warrior Nun season 2 is kind of a mixed bag that carries more good than bad. With some excellent choreographed sequences and great characters, the season also lags behind in areas like the script.

Overall, season 2 of Warrior Nun is a great follow-up to the original that shoots big everytime, but hits big most of the times.

Warrior Nun season 2
Warrior Nun season 2 review: A competent follow-up to its predecessor 1

Director: Sarah Walker, Kasia Adamik, Denis Rovira, Simon Barry

Date Created: 2022-11-10 13:30

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