Warrior Nun season 2 ending explained: Who is Reya?

Warrior Nun season 2 sees Ava and her fellow OCS sister-warriors contend with the growing threat that is Adriel and his rapidly expanding power and religion in the world.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Two months have passed since Adriel’s attack and Ava has taken refuge in Switzerland, laying low while working as a bartender with Beatrice working as the manager at the same bar.

Ava has familiarized herself with the locals in a short amount of time and has a regular at the bar in Miguel, who soon asks her to join a group that calls themselves Samaritans.

They stand against the rapidly growing cult of Adriel called FBC — Firstborn Children. He asks Ava to join them and fight against Adriel and she agrees, but Beatrice is not keen on the idea as they’re trying to lay low until Ava can muster her strength up for the inevitable battle.

Meanwhile, the convent is attacked and sisters all over the world are mercilessly wiped out. Mother Superion and Camila are saved while others at their place get slaughtered.

They then receive a signal emanating from Madrid and head off instantly, only to arrive and find that the sisters there are killed as well. The signal came from someone named Yasmine Amunet who’s a PhD candidate with immense knowledge of the sisters and the OCS.

She also tells them that her purpose for arrival is something she can only reveal to the Warrior Nun. Meanwhile, Adriel tries to propose a partnership to the pope but Duretti refuses him, inviting the former’s wrath.

Kristian has become a believer again, with great faith in his lord and saviour Adriel. Jilian, meanwhile, is busy trying to open the portals and has made quite a progress.

Lilith is back and after finding out Mary is dead, she heads off to meet Jilian and possibly get some help about her rapidly changing state of hands as they’re seemingly being covered in scales.

Jilian does an experiment and sends Lilith through the portal to get some footage which later when decoded, shows an angelic but intimidating shape of a woman’s face.

Lilith doesn’t get the help she came seeking, though, and receives wounds on her trip to the other realm.

She then turns to Adriel for help who manipulates her into coming to his side and working for him, even evolving her demonic stature even more and giving her more powers.

Adriel is also working hard with Kristian, who runs ARQ-Tech in absence of Jilian (and also because she trusted him enough to give him the helm of her entire company).

Kristian creates many tools and buildings for Adriel to perform his miracles and acts of punishment to grow his cult into a full-fledged religion.

The bigger parts of their plan remain, and they involve a merger of his powers and science, especially of the arc. Meanwhile, Ava and others try hard to thwart Adriel in his plans.

Miguel’s real identity is revealed; Camila turns her weakness into her weapon against Adriel; Vincent finally wakes up from his blind faith and sees Adriel for what he is; Ava uses the mythological weapon and travels to another realm to meet Adriel’s biggest foe.

The final battle commences and Adriel is defeated, with a lot of casualties suffered by the convent, including Pope and Miguel’s death. Ava suffers terrible injuries that can only be healed in the other realm where Adriel came from.

Beatrice has to make the hard decision to part ways with Ava and send her through the portal. Warrior Nun 2 ends with Beatrice walking away from the church and her role as a nun, as the impending perils of an incoming ‘Holy War’ loom large in the background.

Warrior Nun 2 ending explained in detail:

Who is Yasmine?

Yasmine Amunet is one of the key players that helps the Order of Cruciform Sword, or at least what’s left of them, in their fight against Adriel.

In her first introduction to Mother Superion and Camilla, Yasmine reveals that she’s a PhD candidate in Archaeology at La Sapienza. She says she focused more on Crusades before Camila cuts her off, asking her the real reason she’s contacted them.

Yasmine says she can only reveal it to the Warrior Nun but later on she does reveal that for millennia her family has pledged to protect the world against Adriel’s return.

She reveals that she’s from an adjunct operation of the OCS, one that was started by the direct successor to Areala herself, Cora. She also tells Mother Superion and Camila that they know how to kill Adriel but she’s sworn to only reveal the way to the current Warrior Nun only.

Later on, Yasmine would go on to become instrumental in Ava finding out Adriel’s weakness and eventually would become an OCS sister herself.

What is Adriel’s plan?

Adriel starts off with creating plagues with the help of ARQ-Tech as the faithful Kristian helps his true lord with the technology and resources that Julian trusted him with.

They create locust plagues and then deliver the increasingly swayed people from their ailments by letting Wraith Demons possess them (with the humans obviously being unaware of their diabolical enslavement).

Once Adriel creates a large enough following of loyal and believing faithful, he starts siphoning the energy from their prayers for his own ends.

Adriel gets his followers to steal the arc from Jilian in order to open the portal and keep it open long enough for an army of wraith demons to walk through and spread out in the world.

At the end of Warrior Nun season 2, Adriel opens the portal and drags Reya down into the world, planning on capturing her inside the underground bunker for eternity so that he has no competition later on when he rules over all.

Adriel, as it is revealed later on in the season, had fought to gain power and rule the other realm, only to fail and be defeated, following which he stole the halo from Reya — a powerful foe of his and also his former master.

Having failed to rule over the other realm, he sought to rule Earth but was imprisoned, and a thousand years later, he’s defeated again, by a Warrior Nun this time as well.

Who is Reya?

Reya is a mighty powerful being from the other realm that many characters in the show refer to as Heaven. She used to be Adriel’s master once, before his mutiny, following which he was defeated and banished from the realm.

Reya is also the one to who Michael was taken to by two angels when he entered the portal as a child. She took him in and kept him in his castle in the shining city.

Michael revealed to her mother that Reya was immensely powerful and the same figure she caught the image of in the footage she got from Lilith.

Reya would later go on to guide Ava on what to do to bring down Adriel. Meanwhile, the latter sought to get rid of her by imprisoning her in the mortal realm for an eternity while he ruled over realms uncontested.

Reya is also the one who tells Michael how to take down Adriel, also telling him that it’s the only way and the preordained fate he must abide by.

This fate entailed a suicide mission for Michael and Ava, in which the latter would have to activate the bomb of Divinium that Michael was turned into by Reya.

Ava refused to do that, however, when Michael’s corpse was near Adriel in the final battle, she used an ultimate attack on him by blasting Michael’s corpse.

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