Undone season 2 review: An ambiguous emotional journey

In Undone season 2, Alma realises there may be deeper mysteries in her family’s past. She crusades to uncover truths that could reshape her present-day reality. The series is currently streaming on Prime Video.


Undone season 1 left the viewers on a cliffhanger merely for them to pick off with a deeper plot, exploring more characters in-depth.

Alma faces a new challenge. She jumps into a separate timeline in order to find her father, Jacob. Undone season 2 goes from being an exploration of a woman’s mental health to a generational-spanning saga.

The new timeline has Jacob alive and living a happy life with his family, while Alma comes and takes over the body and memories of the Alma of the new timeline.

Not only does Alma get back Jacob, she also finds out her mother, Camila, has been keeping a  secret from her family. While trying to figure out Camila’s secret, Alma discovers her sister, Becca, shares the familial ability of time-travelling.

Despite Jacob telling them not to, Alma and Becca go down the road to reveal what Camila has been keeping from them. On their new venture, it turns out that Camila has a son named Alejandro, whom she was told by Geraldine, Jacob’s mother, to not bring back to their lives.

Geraldine’s advice makes Alma want to go back to the present and figure out why she chose to do so. As Jacob, Alma and Becca further travel through time, they discover that Geraldine feels guilty for her parents’ fate, and her shame has haunted her her entire life.

The future Geraldine eventually forgives the child Geraldine, which alters the series of events for the whole family. Alejandro has been a part of the family for a long time, while Geraldine does not spend her entire life being institutionalised for her psychological troubles.

While a happy ending is expected, Alma feels like there is something off and that requires her immediate attention and needs to be fixed.


Rosa Salazar, Angelique Cabral and Constance Marie give the audience realistic and expressive dialogue-delivery.

Even though the performances are not viewed directly, the emotions of the characters bring out the authenticity of the plot.


Much like some recent shows and movies, Undone season 2 follows the theme of generational trauma, which is explored via supernatural or sci-fi elements.

The rotoscope animation used remains to be distinctive, creative and transportive.


Undone builds its premise on a lack of clarity, blurring the lines between what was in Alma’s head and what was real.

The overused genre of a multiverse and time travel has been poured over this season in order to focus on the human desire to fix the past.

Undone season 2 has a predictable conclusion that the characters must accept the present outcomes without the possibility of being able to change the present.


Undone season 2 is a one-time watch wherein the plot does not rely on whether Alma is sane or not, rather it keeps its air of ambiguity by keeping the viewers at the edge of their seats, questioning whether Alma has time-travelling abilities or she hallucinated her way out of her trauma.

Rating: 3/5

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