Undone season 2 summary and ending explained

In Undone season 2, Alma realises there may be deeper mysteries in her family’s past. She crusades to uncover truths that could reshape her present-day reality. The series is currently streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

Undone season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, wherein Alma fought with everyone to go and wait for her father to reappear by the cave near the ruins in Mexico.

Alma’s family suspects she had schizophrenia, just like her grandmother who was institutionalised for her entire life due to her condition.

Alma is shown witnessing a bright light inside the cave, which takes her to a timeline in which her father, Jacob, has managed to reappear with her help.

In the new timeline, Alma is greeted by an old woman who tries to help her find her way. That’s when she realises that her sister is not behind her waiting for her anymore.

She calls her sister, Becca, just to discover that she is now married and on a trip with her husband.

Alma finds her way home to find her mother in the kitchen and her father in his office with grey hair and much older than she remembers him.

Her father reacts normally to Alma’s presence. She then explains to him that she is Alma from the previous timeline.

Alma finds out that Jacob has now lived a full life in this timeline, while she has taken over the body of this timeline’s Alma, who is a professor and working on her dissertation with Jacob’s assistance.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Undone season 2 ending explained in detail:

The new timeline

Jacob is joyful to discover that Alma figured out a way to travel to his timeline, and shows the photographs of her childhood in the present timeline.

Alma finds out that Jacob has been there for her whole childhood in this timeline. Jacob and Alma realise that she has taken over the body of Alma of the current timeline but possesses the memories from both the timelines.

While she continues to figure out this timeline and her vast knowledge of the current timeline, it is discovered that her mother has been upset for a while and seems to be hiding something.

Alma tries to take the matter up with Jacob, who brushes her off and asks her to focus on her dissertation, and then Becca, who reveals that she too possesses the abilities of time-travelling via other people’s memories.

It is then brought to Becca’s attention that her ability is real and not just in her head and is shared by her family members too. Alma pushes Becca to use her abilities to figure out what is going on with their mother, Camila, as she could not control her abilities anymore.

Alma tries to use her abilities but keeps seeing a pesky door that refuses to open. She takes Becca to the same place.

Despite Jacob constantly asking Alma to keep her abilities a secret, she tells him that Becca knows as she shares the abilities. Jacob is surprised at this new revelation.

Camila’s secret

As Alma tries to get Becca to embrace her abilities, she also tries to figure out what has been troubling Camila.

Jacob advises both the girls to not explore their abilities further, but Alma pushes Becca to use her abilities for Camila’s sake. They explore the house and find a painting of Camila in front of a yellow-bricked house, signed by someone named Alejandro.

Camila overdrafts a cheque for $5,000 and refuses to tell Jacob the purpose of the draft. Jacob questions her about her long calls to Mexico, while she gets defensive.

While the girls are arguing with their father, Camila drives off. Later, they discover that Camila may have gone to Mexico and they decide to take a trip to follow their mother.

In Mexico, Alma and Becca pester their maternal grandmother about the painting while she tells them that she does not know anything about it.

Alma and Becca travel via Camila’s mother’s memories to find out the exact location of the painting. When they reach there, Becca, having used her abilities so often, passes out at the door of the yellow-brick house.

The door is unlocked by the old woman that greeted Alma outside the cave. She turns out to be Ms Alejandro, the person who had painted Camila.

Ms Alejandro recommends Becca should rest. Becca keeps getting visions of holding a baby, which later unfolds as Camila’s baby before she was married to Jacob.

Jacob reaches the place, trying to take the girls back home and leave their mother be. While Jacob and Alma argue over the situation, Becca’s hallucinations are unveiled by Ms Alejandro as she explains to them that Camila had a baby there and had asked her to send the baby away to an orphanage.

Alma, Becca and Jacob then decide to go and find Camila, only to discover her with a young man – Camila’s son, whom she named Alejandro after Ms Alejandro. 

Becca and Alma are delighted to meet their brother, Alejandro, as is he to meet them. Jacob and Camila get into an argument as he wonders why she felt the need to keep Alejandro a secret from her family. 

This leads Alejandro to feel betrayed and neglected as he asks everyone to leave him be. Camila tells Jacob that his mother, Geraldine, had asked her to not bring back Alejandro into her life as it would only complicate their lives.

This conflict between Camila and Alejandro and Camila and Jacob leads Alma to find another puzzle to solve. She exclaims to Becca that she can go to the past and figure out what was going on with Geraldine and change her decision to advise Camila to not bring back Alejandro.

Becca, not agreeing to Alma’s plans, sends her to the past alone. Alma makes it her mission to change the past to make the present more peaceful.

Rectifying the past

Alma is adamant about “solving” Camila’s situation using the abilities that both she and her sister share. 

Becca sends Alma back to when Geraldine is institutionalised and is diagnosed with schizophrenia. 

Alma goes back to her timeline to convince Jacob and Becca to come with her to figure out the truth. It takes some time to convince Jacob but he gets there.

The three of them then travel to the timeline where Camila is advised by Geraldine to not bring back Alejandro. Turns out Geraldine has been projecting something onto this decision and is holding back a deep-seated secret that she has repressed inside her.

They travel to Geraldine’s subconscious mind and end up in front of Alma’s door which refuses to open. Where they thought it would be Alejandro crying, they discover it is Geraldine as a child crying.

Jacob asks Geraldine to open the door and let them in on what she is hiding. They discover that Geraldine, childhood name Ruchel, had predicted that her parents would be arrested in Germany, but she couldn’t convince them and be left alone to travel to America.

As it turns out, Ruchel blamed herself for the fate of her parents. Alma asks an older version of Ruchel to come and forgive her to save Jacob from trying to change history and hurt himself again and again.

Geraldine comes with her and finally forgives little Ruchel, which alters history in a way that Ruchel does not feel the need to change her name on her way to America and is not haunted by her past, feeling ashamed of her identity anymore.

This alteration changes the whole family’s future, wherein Alejandro is brought to be a part of the family and accepted by everyone, including Ruchel.

While everyone is happy, Jacob suffers a stroke and ends up getting paralysed and eventually passes away. The season ends with Alma realising that behind the pesky door, as Camila had isolated Alejandro and Geraldine had isolated her childhood self, she too had deserted her timeline’s self outside the cave.

As Alma goes back to her timeline, it all comes down to whether all of it happened or all of it was her hallucinating outside the cave itself to cope with her father’s death.

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