Undekhi season 2 review: An inconsistent yet enjoyable sequel

Rating: 2.5/5

Undekhi season 2 is a crime thriller series available on SonyLIV. It narrates the story of rich, powerful family and their efforts to hide their criminal records as they battle with their rivals.


The season begins with The Atwals, who are hell-bent on finding the Koyal before she reports the murder that transpired during the wedding celebrations at the family’s resort.

The story takes a favorable turn for them when the ambulance she is in gets in an accident and is hurled off a high cliff into the river. Everyone is convinced that Koyal would not survive the fall in her current condition.

Atwal’s family company and their cooperation in the illegal drug trade are also explored in the series. While Rinku seeks to reclaim control of the Punjab area, he faces a more formidable foe, this time in the form of Samarth, his business partner.

Teji wants to seek revenge and teams up with Samarth to bring Papji and Rinku down.

The final episode closes with a harrowing fight sequence at Samarth’s factory, in which Koyal dies, and Papaji barely escapes, implying that he will return.


Almost everyone in the series has outstanding performances. With his towering personality and stern demeanor, Surya Sharma, who played Rinku, was ideal for the role of the lead antagonist.

Anchal Singh, who plays Teji,  transforms from an ignored housewife into a sly person who challenges Papaji and Rinku. In a chauvinistic world, Singh has masterfully played the part of a strong woman.

Ghosh, played by Dibyendu Bhattacharya, disappears for several episodes before reappearing near the climax. Due to his lack of screen time, Dibyendu appeared to be underutilized. 

Apeksha Porwal and Meiyang Chang provide some action, but they are unable to preserve the tale, which is on the verge of falling apart by the end.

The character of Papaji gets very repetitive and somewhat annoying after a while. Harsh Chhaya who played this character had excelled job in showing an unstable, alcoholic old man.

The characters of Sahswat and Saloni as well as the actors who played them had great chemistry. Their story arcs were quite interesting to witness.


Undekhi never seems to lose the audience’s attention with unexpected plot twists and surprises. The show has just the right amount of tension to keep viewers interested without exposing too much.

The narrative is gripping and engaging, with some excellent performances to go along with it.

More of the first season’s characters were developed, and a few new characters were introduced to prevent the series from becoming predictable and uninteresting.

Season 2 continued the theme of violence, drama, and crime, with multiple subplots that run concurrently, eventually merging into the climax.


Papaji was an uncomfortable and obnoxious character with his unnecessary swearing and unpleasant personality. His scenes became quite unbearable to watch.

The chase scenes were quite lengthy, and the thrill and viewer’s attention were frequently lost. They could’ve been made more impactful with stronger camera movement. 

The plot shifted from a murder mystery to a fight between two business rivals midway through the series, providing the audience a jolt. Furthermore making them lose interest.

The story appeared overblown and needless at times as if it were being done solely to lay the groundwork for a third season.


Undekhi is an engaging crime thriller with outstanding performances. While the plot may appear to be dragging at times, it is a fascinating watch.

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