Undekhi season 2 summary and ending explained

Undekhi is a crime thriller show based in the city of Manali. It tells the narrative of a wealthy, powerful, and greedy family who will go to any length to conceal their wrongdoing, but justice is slowly catching up with them. It is now available on SonyLIV.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

We begin with a short recap. Koyal is injured and is being transported to a hospital in an ambulance. Rinku and his goons are chasing her. They want to kill her, the last witness of the murder. 

Things seem to be working in Rinku’s favour as the ambulance gets in an accident and is thrown off a cliff. Everyone thinks that Koyal has died. 

Rinku is suspicious of Teji, Daman’s wife. He correctly suspects that she might have a hand in saving Koyal. 

He then has a conversation with his father, Papaji, about their business partner, Samarth, who is acting troublesome. Rinku asks him not to worry and declares his intention of expanding business in Punjab.  

Rinku checks the accident scene but is angered when he finds that DSP Ghosh has reached there before him and is investigating the scene. 

He finds Timma, the person driving the ambulance during the crash through a video on the internet and sends his goons to catch him. 

Meanwhile, Rinku’s men follow the videography squad, who are the eyewitnesses to Rishi’s murder. They corner them and open fire on the van, but two of the videographers manage to escape. 

Shashwat, one of the videographers, calls up an influential political person and blackmails him into helping him and his friend. At the request of that politician, an anonymous person rescues them.

The person is later revealed to be Samarth, Atwal’s business partner, and later a rival. Shashwat and Saloni are brought to an abandoned warehouse. 

But they are betrayed by Samarth, and Lucky, Rinku’s right-hand man, arrives there. They are once again able to escape from the situation. 

A random person finds an unconscious Koyal and rescues her. He tries to give her medicine and help her heal.

Teji wants revenge and meets with Ghosh. He can’t help her, but gives her migraine medicines and claims it’ll help her kill the virus named Atwal. 

She can connect the medicine to Ezra Asher, a pharma company. They are known for selling illegal drugs while using the pharmaceutical business as a cover. The Atwal’s are business partners of this company.

She goes to the Ezra Asher factory and stumbles upon Sashwat and Saloni, who had locked themselves in a truck. But before she can rescue them, a man corners her. She manages to get past him, and the two videographers are left locked in the truck. 

She meets Samarth, who handles the company. They chat for a while and she leaves, not before spotting her father and brother-in-law there. She dresses as a factory worker and goes in there to spy on her in-laws. 

Papaji wants to expand the business and its network in Punjab, which will be headed by Rinku. Samarth opposes the idea and wants to be in charge of the situation. 

Meanwhile, Sashwat and Saloni escape after tricking a truck driver into opening their door. But Saloni gets shot in the leg. They still manage to getaway

Teji convinces Daman to help her expose his father and brother. They go on a mission to rescue Sashwat and Saloni. 

Sashwat stumbles upon one of Rinku’s goons, delivering a truck full of drugs to Inkjet. He records the entire interaction on the phone. 

Inkjet drugs them all, steals their money, and is about to shoot them, but Sashwat hits him with a wood log, making him lose consciousness. He then takes the money and drives away with the truck full of drugs. 

Rinku is made aware that the truck has gone missing. He is worried about it. Samarth finds out about it and is extremely mad. 

Sashwat sneaks into the factory. He goes into Samarth’s office and leaves the video he shot on his laptop. Samarth sees the footage and looks livid. He shows the video to the founders of Ezra Asher. 

Teji and Daman finally get hold of Sashwat and Saloni. The latter tells them about the truck.

Now healed and stronger, Koyal breaks into Atwal’s residency and attacks their guards. She wants revenge for her sister. 

Teji is aware of this and contacts Ghosh, who plans to return to Manali. Teji and Daman make a deal for the lost truck. But they sell out Saloni and Sashwat to Rinku. 

The series quickly turn into a massive game of hide and seek as Rinku tries to expand the network in Punjab while Teji and Daman plan his demise. 

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Undekhi season 2 ending explained in detail:

The unseen betrayal  

Rinku figured out that the person who broke into their house was Koyal. He confronts Teji about it but she just mocks him in return. 

Rinku dispatches all the trucks from the factory but has a secret deal with Singh Sahib. His man attacks the trucks on-road and all trucks go missing before reaching Punjab. 

Meanwhile, Ghosh tries to trace Koyal along with other police constables. They reach out to Abhaya’s uncle, the person who helped Koyal and ask him to call back his nephew. He complies. 

Samarth catches one of the thieves stealing their Punjab truck and brings him for interrogation. He is badly beaten up. The man kills himself by drinking poison. 

Samarth gets a call for more vanishing trucks and plans to go along with the next consignment. 

Koyal disagrees with Abhaya, as he just wants to burn Atwal’s truck as revenge but she wants to kill them all. He tries to explain to her that this is wrong but she won’t budge. He refuses to help her. Koyal decides to part her ways with him. 

Rinku learns about Samarth’s plan and makes a counter plan of killing him before his car can reach the trucks. 

Teji and Daman decide to accompany him, spoiling Rinku’s plan. The brakes of the car they are using are not working and they decide to crash into the mountain to slow down the vehicle. The three are injured. 

The police arrest Abhaya for the bomb blast at Ezra Asher but Koyal comes and rescues him. 

At the hospital, Papaji creates a scene blaming Samrath for using his kids against him. But Samarth is already aware of his and Rinku’s scheme to kill him and threatens them back. Papaji throws a fit in rage. 

The clap back

Ghosh meets Lucky at a bar, who seems quite sad and detached. Ghosh convinces him to work with Teji Atwal instead. 

Samarth is having a meeting with the founders and they look pretty disappointed with him and decide to fire him. They threaten him and plan to visit the factory themselves. 

Teji and Samrath meet up and decide to fight back against Rinku. Teji asks Timma for help, who calls Muskan under the pretence of a forest officer, the one her father works for. 

He tricks her and Rinku into coming to the temple. Samarth is ready with his team to attack papaji. Teji engages her two mothers-in-law with a marriage cassette and turns off CCTV cameras. 

Samarth’s team sneaks into the resort and kidnap papaji. Koyal sneaks into the resort, sees all of this and decide to follow them. 

This is just the beginning

Muskan and Rinku reach the location and are attacked. They fight back and end up killing some of their attackers.

Timma arrives and points a gun at Rinku but Muskan shoots him. He dies. They run out of ammunition. 

Lucky arrives at the situation and starts killing their attackers, indicating that he has betrayed Teji. 

Meanwhile, Daman, unaware of the plan, starts getting suspicious of Teji and questions her. They fight and Daman threatens her that if she has a hand in this, he’ll be done with her. 

Samarth takes papaji to the factory and questions him about missing trucks. Papaji is cursing and throwing tantrums like usual. Samarth tells him that Rinku has died and he loses it. 

Koyal sneaks into the factory and witnesses all of this. Abhaya calls DSP Ghosh and tells him about Koyal’s plan and gives away her location. 

Koyal starts attacking papaji. Samrath’s man holds her back. He gets a call from Teji, who wants to stop this. He disagrees and goes ahead with the plan. 

Meanwhile, Lucky is taking Muskan back home. But she points a gun at him and orders him to take her to Rinku. 

Teji gets a call from Ghosh about Koyal coming to kill Papaji and she tells him that Samarth has kidnapped him and gives away their location. 

Ghosh, Daman, Abhaya and Teji head to the factory. Rinku’s goon attacks the factory and starts killing Samrath’s man. 

Rinku arrives at the location and stops Samrath from killing his dad. They have a physical altercation. Koyal attacks Papaji and starts choking him and before she can kill him, Rinku throws her off. 

There’s an open firefight. Koyal attacks Rinku but Muskan arrives at the scene and starts shooting at her. Abhaya arrives and tries to protect Koyal. 

Koyal tries to kill papaji again and Rinku shoots at her but Abhaya comes in between and takes the bullet. Abhaya dies. 

Rinku tries to kill Koyal again but DSP arrives and stops him. Koyal goes to kill papaji again but Teji stops her, she tries to kill Teji but DSP shoots her before she can do that. 

Samarth runs upstairs and runs away with his laptop and a key. The founders meet with Rinku, who informs him that Samarth has run away with a switch and he has activated it, sending a coded message in their global network. He has a key to all the private information of their business. 

Rinku decides to help them and gives them the location of the misplaced trucks, becoming a hero in their eyes.  

The series ends with Papaji returning home with Daman and Teji. Pointing that Rinku lost the most important person in his life, his dad.

Rinku calls Samarth and threatens him but Samarth just laughs before calling someone and telling them that their plan has been successful, promising another season.

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