Tokyo Revengers season 2 review: Inconsistent and slightly disappointing

The second season of Tokyo Revengers sees Takemichi going back to the past to defeat Kisaki and the Black Dragon gang in order to prevent Mikey’s moral corruption. All episodes are now streaming on Hulu. 


The season begins with Kisaki holding Takemichi at gunpoint after killing Chifuyu. At the last minute, Takemichi is saved by Kazutora, who tells him that Toman has turned into a powerful yet unethical gang.

Toman changed because Mikey changed. When an old biker gang called the Black Dragon joined Toman, Mikey turned evil; he is now getting all the old members of Toman killed.

Additionally, in this timeline, Kisaki made Takemichi order Hinata’s death, which means Takemichi was responsible for her death. Naoto then convinces Takemichi to go back in time and prevent Mikey’s corruption as well as Hinata’s death.

In the past, Takemichi meets the Shiba siblings and the Black Dragon gang. Takemichi realizes that he must find a way to do the impossible and defeat the powerful Taiju Shiba for the sake of Toman’s future. 


The show gives adequate time to the characters that take the center stage in this season. The audience is given glimpses into their past to help them understand these characters and their actions better. For instance, the audience is shown that Hakkai’s fear of Taiju is rooted in years of abuse.

There are times when the animation is very detailed and aesthetically pleasing, especially in the episode where Takemichi meets adult Mikey for the first time. Thanks to the animation, the poignant death scene leaves a long-lasting impact.

A strong friendship between characters is an important aspect of animes. In this season, Takemichi’s friendship with Chifuyu and Mikey as well as Hakkai and Mitsuya’s bond are heart-warming and entertaining at the same time.

The season’s beginning and its end are very exciting. The new timeline in the beginning, where the hero has gone astray, gets the audience invested in the show, and the ending, which kickstarts Toman’s greatest conflict, gets them excited for the next season.


The main conflict of the show — the Christmas showdown — is anticlimactic, to say the least. The whole season was building up to that moment, only for it to be disappointing.

The showdown has more conversations than necessary, with the characters encouraging Hakkai to stand up to Taiju, and the action scenes are few and far between. As there is no balance between the two, it is neither touching nor exciting.


Tokyo Revengers season 2 starts and ends on a high note but loses its touch in the middle. It has everything that is needed to make a good anime, but the execution of the main conflict prevents it from being one. It certainly could have been better.

Tokyo Revengers season 2
Tokyo Revengers season 2 review: Inconsistent and slightly disappointing 1

Director: Kenichi Kuhara, Yu Yabuuchi, Kenji Kuroda, Kazutoshi Ohno, Koji Aritomi, Yoshifumi Sueda, Shoji Ikeno, Yoshinobu Kasai, Takahiro Tanaka , Kato Moe, Nakahara Rei

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