Tokyo Revengers season 2 finale recap, review, and ending explained

The finale of the second season of Tokyo Revengers sees Takemichi going back in time to alter the future once again, which marks the beginning of the greatest conflict in Toman’s history. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


Chifuyu comes across Takemichi punching a tire in the rain. Takemichi wants nothing more than to get stronger, so he has started training. He believes that he cannot change the future unless he gets stronger.

Chifuyu realizes that this is the future Takemichi, which means that he has traveled back in time once again. Takemichi had promised a dying Mikey that he would change the past, and he is trying to keep that promise.

Takemichi tells Chifuyu about everything that he witnessed in the future and about the events that led him to this point. Takemichi cannot be weak anymore because he knows that in the future, he left Toman and that everyone stood up for him.

Chifuyu realizes that Takemichi has been training all day when he sees his bloodied knuckles. He tries to stop him, but Takemichi is so frustrated about not being able to make a change and save his friends that he does not listen. 

Chifuyu has no choice but to push him away forcefully. He then comforts an upset Takemichi by telling him that even though the future is bleak, he is happy it is that way because he got to meet the future Takemichi again. 

Chifuyu also declares that he is going to beat Mikey now, as he would not let Mikey kill him just like that. No one has ever fought Mikey head-on because he seems invincible. Chifuyu and Takemichi are the only ones who are ready to fight him.

Takemichi feels better hearing this because he had convinced himself that he could not do or change anything. He decides that he will support Mikey when he is suffering, but he will also fight him seriously if Mikey takes the wrong path.

Takemichi declares that he is not returning to the future until he becomes the leader of Toman. This will be his final revenge. Chifuyu is ready to support him as his partner.

The two know that defeating Mikey would not be enough; Takemichi needs to earn everyone’s respect. They also think about what could have happened that changed Mikey completely. 

Takemichi thinks that Kisaki must have triggered this change in Mikey, as Kisaki’s expulsion from Toman was the biggest change that took place before he went back to the future. 

In the previous timelines, Kisaki represented the darkness in Toman, his departure must have changed Mikey somehow, and Kisaki might even know something.

Tokyo Revengers season 2 ending explained in detail:

What is Kisaki’s next move?

Kisaki, along with Hanma, goes to meet a person in Yokohama. This person is Izana Kurokawa, and he is the boss of a Yokohama gang called Tenjiku. The gang members are seen dressed in red uniforms.

Kisaki was earlier kicked out of Toman by Mikey for betraying Takemichi and Chifuyu during their fight with Taiju. Kisaki and Hanma’s departure significantly reduced the number of Toman’s members. 

Izana Kurokawa wants to know why Kisaki wishes to join their gang. Kisaki’s answer is simple — he wants revenge. This marks the beginning of the greatest and final conflict in Toman’s history.

What happens to Chifuyu?

It has been a week since Takemichi came back from the future, but he still does not have a plan. He gets inspired by mangas and decides to take down the Yokohama gangs to get to the top and earn everyone’s respect.

Chifuyu refuses to go with him. Just when Takemichi storms away, Makoto and Yamagishi come running to Chifuyu and tell him that they were beaten up by a group wearing red uniforms. Akkun was taken by the group.

The Tenjiku gang has come to Tokyo and is looking for Toman’s members because they want to beat them up. They find Takemichi, but Chifuyu comes to his rescue.

Chifuyu asks Takemichi to run away with an injured Akkun while he holds back Tenjiku’s members. Chifuyu takes down a few of them but gets defeated by Tenjiku’s big four, Kanji Mochizuki, also known as Mocchi.

Does Kisaki return?

Akkun, Takemichi, Makoto, and Yamagishi manage to run away from the group that was chasing them. Akkun tells Takemichi that 300 Tenjiku members have come to Tokyo.

Takemichi realizes that Chifuyu is in danger. He asks his three friends to go to Toman’s hideout while he goes back to help Chifuyu. Tenjiku members find him and corner him, but Takemichi’s friends follow him to help him.

The four of them try to put up a fight, but they are no match for Tenjiku members. Takemichi is confused about this gang, as he has never seen or heard of them in any of the past timelines.

Kisaki then walks up to Takemichi in his Tenjiku uniform. In one of the timelines, Kisaki had killed Chifuyu and called Takemichi his hero before trying to kill Takemichi as well. Similar to that time, Kisaki calls Takemichi his hero once again.

Although Kisaki is not holding a gun this time, he still looms over a scared and confused Takemichi exactly the way he did when he tried to kill him. Kisaki declares that this is the beginning of the Kanto Incident.


  • The finale mostly focused on tying up loose ends and introducing the next season’s conflict. While it was not as good as the last episode, it was successful in making the audience excited for the next season.
  • Taiju was the strongest antagonist of this season, and it took Mikey mere seconds to defeat him. The season ends on an exciting note, as Takemichi, who does not stand a chance against him, has now decided to become the leader of Toman.
  • The episode shows that Takemichi can travel back in time to change the future, but the events still affect him. Watching Mikey die in his arms takes a toll on his mental health; he tells Chifuyu that he can still feel Mikey lying in his arms. 
  • Takemichi and Chifuyu discuss that Kisaki was the darkness in Toman and his departure must have triggered something in Mikey. Interestingly, the next scene shows a yin and yang symbol on Tenjiku’s uniforms, which might point towards a disbalance being created after Kisaki’s departure.
  • The episode depicts Takemichi as a simpleton, but it does it in a way that makes his character likable. The charm of his character lies in his foolish ideas and strong convictions.
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