The Tailor season 2 review: Sequel takes its time getting interesting

Netflix’s latest Turkish drama, The Tailor season 2 follows Peyami, Esvet, and Dimitri in a constantly evolving and devolving triangle of love, lust, and deceit.


Peyami recovers from his gunshot wounds but not from the pain of seeing Esvet marry Dimitri. He meets free-spirited Cemre who he takes as his date to the wedding.

He becomes a nervous wreck and burns out, unable to do any work for the upcoming collection as Ari adds pressure. Dimitri learns about Mustafa. Kiraz comes to work as an office cleaner for Peyami.

Mustafa recognizes her but Peyami doesn’t believe him. Esvet does and follows Kiraz. Dimitri reveals to Ari that he knows about Esvet’s parents and his connection to them. He later takes over the company too.

His business move, inspired by his insecurities and paranoia, fails to deter Peyami, who gets reborn with the help of Cemre and resumes his work. He finally gets to meet his mother and at the collection event, he reunites Mustafa and Kiraz.


Çağatay Ulusoy is phenomenal as the heartbroken Peyami who is debilitated by the events that recently transpired in his life, out of which the marriage of his lover to Dimitri hurts him the most.

Şifanur Gül continues to deliver a stellar performance as Esvet, managing to convey her magnanimous self while also etching out a being inflicted with one painful experience after another.

Salih Bademci also continues to be stellar as Dimitri, this time bringing a crucial layer to his character that changes with changing circumstances.

Berrak Tüzünataç is the new addition to the cast and makes it easy to work whenever she’s on screen. Her charm alone makes her a great screen presence while she also conveys hurt and pain behind those wild, fun, and carefree personas.


The Tailor season 2 takes time to pick up the pace but when it does, it goes full steam ahead. The latter half of the season is jam-packed with great tense moments.

The performances in the second season continue to delight and impress while making the story seem real and have genuine emotional weight.

The season also delves into the revelations that offer the antagonist more depth as his traumatic childhood is depicted in a few strong scenes.


For the most part of the second season, it seems that the story is going nowhere, as simple developments take forever to be made.

Cemre is used as the classic magical love interest whereas her past is only teased while it does seem worth delving upon.

Ari’s abuse of Dimitri is revealed a lot later than necessary while the treatment of Dimitri as a character seems to unsanitize him or even redeem him, which for a sexual assaulter like him shouldn’t be an option.


The Tailor season 2 fizzles for a number of episodes until it picks up the pace and reinstates its former glory.

While not succeeding its predecessor in terms of quality, the second season succeeds in progressing character arcs, bringing in great new characters, and digging deep into crucial aspects of some key characters’ pasts.

The Tailor season 2
The Tailor season 2 review: Sequel takes its time getting interesting 1

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