The Tailor season 2 summary and ending explained

Netflix’s The Tailor season 2 sees Peyami, Esvet, and Dimitri sometime after Peyami survives the near-fatal standoff.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Peyami recovers from his gunshot wounds and later drinks heavily to forget his pain while bringing Cemre, a free-spirited woman he meets one night as his date to Esvet and Dimitri’s wedding.

A few days later, while having an argument, Esvet and Peyami get too occupied to check up on Mustafa who drowns in the pool, saved by none other than Dimitri who finally learns his relationship with Peyami.

Peyami’s drinking and a whole array of issues persist, and Ari threatens to replace him, asking Dimitri to do something if he doesn’t want that, and with the pressure mounting on him, Peyami breaks. Meanwhile, Dimitri announces that he wants to have a kid, surprising everyone.

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Ari presses Dimitri, forcing him to reveal that he knows about Esvet’s parents and their connection to his parents. Meanwhile, Kumru, the new office cleaner helps Peyami amid his breakdown on her first day at work.

Peyami visits Osman to learn about his mother and what he says breaks him even more. Dimitri makes a new announcement, this time about the future of the company, before walking in on a drunk Esvet kissing Peyami.

Kumru finds a piece of handicraft from the past that inspires Peyami to harken back to the memories he had of his grandfather. Esvet follows Kumru and confronts her about her true identity.

Peyami overcomes his issues to a significant degree and gets on working, deciding on finishing work for his next collection within 8 days as he also wages war on Dimitri.

The two have a brawl and as Peyami finally meets his mother and learns about the truth about her, Dimitri overcomes some of his trauma too. The collection begins and Peyami ends it with a reunion of Mustafa and Kiraz on the former’s birthday, as The Tailor season 2 concludes.

The Tailor season 2 ending explained in detail:

Who is Kumru?

Kumru is the office cleaner that gets appointed by Suzan during Peyami’s lowest. He has also recently fired his staff at work and suffers from constantly shaking hands, creative burnout, and panic attacks due to stress and heartbreaks.

Kumru is also the same woman who came to visit Peyami as a nurse at the hospital after he’s accidentally shot by Esvet.

It’s also revealed that Kumru is just an alias while her real identity is that of Kiraz, Peyami’s mother and Mustafa’s first wife. Mustafa recognizes her in just one glance and while Peyami thinks he’s mistaken, Esvet decides to investigate, finding that he was indeed true.

At the end of The Tailor season 2, owing to Esvet and Osman, Kiraz aka Kumru has to confront the fact that she can’t run from her own kid anymore. She finally meets him which understandably evokes a range of strong emotions in him.

Why did Kiraz leave Mustafa?

Kiraz was bought by the Dokumaci family to give them a kid. However, she didn’t have any luck with that and after a lot of convincing, Sülün finally saw that she wasn’t able to give them a kid with Mustafa, upon which she kicked her out.

Kiraz loved and cared for Mustafa but Sülün didn’t care for anything other than a kid. Kiraz was left with no choice and only after she went away did she learn that she was pregnant with a kid (Peyami).

She didn’t want the family to take the kid away from her but they found out somehow and did what she feared. Kiraz never left Mustafa or her son but she was also left with no choice.

It’s only after Sülün passes away that she gets the chance to return and be back in her son’s life in some capacity, under an alias. However, she finds after her unwanted encounter with Mustafa that she’s not brave enough to be ready to face them yet.

She ultimately reveals it all to Peyami who later gets convinced by Mustafa’s accounts of the past too, finally accepting that she’s telling the truth. The Tailor season 2 ends with Peyami reuniting Mustafa and Kiraz.

Did Dimitri get abused?

Later on in the second season, it’s revealed that Dimitri used to be subjected to abuse and similar methods of punishment as he used on Esvet at the beginning of The Tailor season 1.

His father Ari has always been blunt and brave to his face whereas others have often felt nervous, fearful, and simply terrified in Dimitri’s company. This makes a lot of sense when it’s revealed that in their dynamic, it’s always been Ari who’s had his hand on the leash.

Dimitri’s past is delved into and Ari’s cruel and problematic lessons are shown, where he teaches his frightened child that crying is for people looking for pity while real powers are in making others pitiful.

To enforce his ideas and lessons, Ari would lock Dimitri inside the same box the son would later use to cage Esvet.

After a brawl with Peyami where the latter bares it all about his abuse at the hands of Ari, the psycho brat goes and burns the box — in the process destroying the relic that has represented and worked as a trauma for him and others.

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