The Soccer Football Movie review: Zlatan and Rapinoe save the day

The Soccer Football Movie follows a band of kid superfans of the sports trying to save their idols from the evil scientist hell-bent on stealing all the All-Star talent out there.


The Soccer Football Movie opens with the stage being set for the anticipated All-Star game being very close to its commencement.

Everyone is enthused and commentator Rob Stone interviews Weird Al’ Yankovic who seems to harbour some evil plans involving stealing bits of talent from all All-Stars.

Zana, Palio, Nautai, and O’Dang form the pest control crew named ‘Creature Catchers’. They’re also the biggest fans of football and of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. They sneak into the stadium to hopefully meet him.

Nautai is also a superfan of Megan Rapinoe and can’t stop mentioning every moment how she wants a selfie with her. Anyway, the kids eventually do meet Zlatan and the footballer is impressed with their skills and love for the sport.

While he finds the four tickets to the game he wants to give them, he gets attacked by a glowy, green slug that hatches out of a football gifted to him.

He tries to fight it but the slug manages to merge with him and take full control of his body and mind, transforming him into a mutated monster.

The kids try to contain the mutant Zlatan while Rapinoe gets attacked by a slug as well. Yankovic meets Zlatan and reveals his true identity and diabolical plan.

The Creature Catchers rescue Rapinoe and find out that the sound of a whoopee cushion can trigger the mutation.

They then save other All-Stars from their mutation, while Zlatan loses all morale when he loses all his skills to his mutated ponytail that Yankovic steals and merges with his hair.

Zana and O’Dang help Zlatan retain his skills back and together, they head off to the stadium. There, they face off against Yankovic and his gelatinous mutant teammates.

The Soccer Football Movie ends with Rapinoe and the kids saving Zlatan from the ponytail-turned-crab-monster who ate them after Yankovic lost the match.

The winning team celebrates after defeating the enemy by playing football together as some slugs remain lurking about.


The voice acting is the best part of the kids’ animated feature, with most of the voice cast lending their vocal cords to commendable performances.

Weird Al Yankovic brings his usual panache at playing cheerful characters as he lends his voice to the giddy and lovable evil scientist.

But it’s the two footballers who play themselves that bring in the real fun to the field. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Megan Rapinoe are truly enjoying themselves and deliver unexpectedly great performances at times.


There’s a jovial quality to the film which is mostly thanks to the core cast and the amount of they seem to be having to play the goofy characters.

Despite not being much of an actor, both players bring a surprising bit of professionalism to their roles at times.

Due to a concise runtime, the film benefits from a story that feels appropriately lengthy for the amount of ground it has to cover.


The animation is really awful, often failing to suffice at matching the enthusiasm and animation of the real-life people lending their voices in the studio.

There aren’t many characters in the movie, with even the “keep it down” old lady not appearing in any frames, making it look like the entirety of the meagre budget went into the ponytail monster.

The climactic showdown could’ve done better with a callback to a previous introduction/development to wrap it up. The monster biting into the ball, deflating it in the process and triggering the mutation again would’ve tied things nicely.

The soccer Football Movie
The Soccer Football Movie review: Zlatan and Rapinoe save the day 1

Director: Mitch Schauer

Date Created: 2022-11-09 12:30

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