The Soccer Football Movie ending explained: Are the mutant slugs defeated?

‘The Soccer Football Movie’ follows Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Megan Rapinoe fighting the evil doctor mayor scientist ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic to get the All-Star trophy as well as their stolen talents back; helping them is a pest control crew of four brave kids.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The All-Star football match is close and the pest control crew consisting of Zana, Palio, Nautai, and O’Dang are all trying to sneak into the stadium to meet Zlatan as they’re all superfans of him and the sport.

Meanwhile, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic wants to become an All-Star too and he seems a bit too suspiciously enthused about it. The pest control crew, aka the ‘Creature Catchers’, stumble upon Zlatan.

Nautai instantly challenges him to a juggle-off and later they introduce themselves. Impressed by the skill and love for the game, Zlatan offers them four tickets for the match.

However, when he goes to the changing room to get the tickets, he’s distracted by a gift box. In it, is a football which snaps away all of Zlatan’a delight — he already has one (many)!

While he distracts himself with other things, the football cracks open and a gelatinous, green, and glowy slug comes out of it and lunges at Zlatan. The footballer tries to fight it off, and later O’Dang tries to help as well.

But the slug adheres itself to Zlatan’a body and merges with him, turning the footballer into a ferocious mutant. As Zlatan goes out to the city wreaking havoc, the Creature Catcher crew heads off to rescue and contain him.

Meanwhile, the evil scientist who created the slugs calls in Rob Stone to announce that he’ll attack all All-Stars to steal back some of their skills so that the aggregate of it all will make him the best All-Star.

Elsewhere, Nautai’s idol, Megan Rapinoe gets taken over by a slug too, but the crew manages to rescue her while discovering that blowing a whoopee cushion can turn the affected from a mutant to a human and vice versa.

Meanwhile, the evil scientist shows his face to Zlatan and steals his ponytail (which has become sentient, vocal, and has all of Zlatan’a talent) and merges it with his own hair.

While Palio and Nautai check other players to see if they’re mutants or not, O’Dang and Zana help Zlatan get his talents back. They then head off to the arena to face off against the evil scientist and his team of mutant slugs in a match.

After battling a creature, Zlatan, Megan, and the Creature Catchers emerge victorious. They also win the talents the evil scientist stole from all the players but some slugs still appear to exist and lurking about.

The Soccer Football Movie ending explained in detail:

Who is the evil scientist behind the slugs?

The evil scientist behind the mutant slug takeover is none other than ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic. He gives away his insidious plans to steal all top-skilled football players’ skills for himself, just a little bit from every player.

Later in The Soccer Football Movie, Zlatan goes to make a call inside a shop where he confronts Yankovic and eventually learns that he’s the evil scientist who inflicted the slug and the mutation upon him.

Soon, Yankovic fully comes into his own and even steals Zlatan’a mutated ponytail that possesses all his skills now. Finally, he faces off against Zlatan, Rapinoe, and the kids in a final football match.

He strikes a deal with them; if he wins, he’ll get all the All-Star players’ skills for himself but if he loses, he’ll return every drop he stole.

Zlatan and the kids emerge victorious and defeat him. At the end of The Soccer Football Movie, they also save him from the ponytail-turned-crab-monster.

How does the mutation get triggered?

Later on, in The Soccer Football Movie, the kids eventually find out how they can turn the mutated Zlatan and Rapinoe back into their human forms, and it’s through sound.

When the Creature Catchers fight off the mutated Rapinoe, the latter overwhelms them. However, when she pushes Nautai, she falls on her whoopee cushion, the sound of which affects Rapinoe, turning her back into her human form.

They soon deduce that the sonic quality of the deployment of the whoopee cushion can trigger the mutation. They get working and sieve out other players who have been mutated as well.

Are the slugs gone?

At the final face-off between ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic and the good guys, the latter win and the doctor-mayor-doctor Yankovic is defeated. However, another foe appears when Zlatan’s mutated and detached ponytail transforms into a gigantic crab-like monster.

The ponytail ends up eating Yankovic when he goes to convince him to stop, and then he gulps down Zlatan as well. However, the Creature Catchers, along with Rapinoe, defeat the monster.

The Soccer Football Movie ends with the kids playing football with their idols Zlatan and Rapinoe, while Yankovic plays the accordion on the sidelines.

However, from inside the trophy cup, comes a glowing, green strand that flies out and into the window of a tempered old woman, seemingly mutating her as well.

The kids and the All-Stars look on with surprise as Zlatan says “Sequel time”, implying that the story might not be over yet and there might be more mutant slugs and humans out there for the Creature Catchers to defeat.

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