The Marriage App review: An amusing war of love

‘The Marriage App’ is a film about a married couple trying to get the spark back in their relationship with the help of an app. This romantic comedy is now streaming on Netflix.


Federico and Belén have been married for a few years now, but they no longer make each other happy. Federico evades his responsibilities, which annoys Belén, who has to constantly remind him to do his share of the household chores.

The two characters are very different in some aspects. Since they do not understand each other anymore, their marriage is failing. 

They decide to take the help of the Marriage App to revive their relationship. It is an app that works like a scale. When one does something to please their partner, they are rewarded with points or miles.

Federico uses the app to earn enough miles to go on a trip to Cancún with his friends and not for the sake of their marriage. He tries to be the perfect husband, which improves their relationship for a while. 

However, their happiness is short-lived as Belén soon discovers his plan. The two then start competing for miles, making their relationship worse.

It is a war that can only be won by being a better partner. Interestingly, they both want the other to fail.


Luisana Lopilato, who plays Belén, shines in the film. The way she is able to adapt to the changing moods of her character is commendable. She effortlessly plays the role of a dissatisfied wife, a happy wife, and a competitive woman who would do anything to win.

Juan Minujín plays the role of Federico. He fits the part so well that, at times, it is hard to distinguish the actor from the character. 

Supporting actors like Cristina Castaño, Santiago Gobernori, Julián Lucero, and Andrea Rincón have also given adequate performances.


The film depicts a modern couple using a modern solution for their marital problems. The premise in itself is quite fascinating when the genre is taken into account. 

The problems of the couple were grounded in reality. The film made them seem relatable without losing their wit.

Additionally, the characters were given space to grow as individuals. They had to face the consequences of their actions and learn from their mistakes before getting their happy ending.

Sebastián De Caro, the director, added a humorous yet unique touch to some scenes that made them stand out. It is not every day that one sees a couple fighting to do the household chores with trash flying around them.


The film is almost too slow in the beginning. It fails to capture interest, and the viewers do not get invested in the characters for some part of it. 

Although the film tries to have twists and turns, it fails to surprise the viewers as the plot of the film is very predictable. One can easily predict when a plan is going to fail, which takes the excitement out of it.


‘The Marriage App’ is an entertaining one-time-watch film. Despite its predictability, it has its fair share of comical moments. It is a romantic comedy for a mature audience.

The Marriage App
The Marriage App review: An amusing war of love 1

Director: Sebastián De Caro

Date Created: 2022-12-07 20:32

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