The Fame Game review: Intriguing but inconsistent

Rating: 3/5

Netflix thriller drama ‘The Fame Game’ is based on fictional actress Anamika Anand and the chaos that follows when she is found missing of day.


Anamika Anand (Madhuri Dixit Nene) is one of the most popular actresses in the entire country. When she suddenly disappears, an investigation begins, headed by Shobha Tiwari (Rajshri Deshpande).

The actress’ perfect family life is quickly exposed as a facade. In reality, she had troubled relationships with all members of her family.

Her past relationship with the actor Manish Khanna (Manav Kaul), and the imminent release of their upcoming comeback film together add to the chaos.

A mysterious boy named Madhav (Gagan Arora) also frequently starts appearing in Anamika’s life right before her disappearance.


Touted to be the big comeback of Madhuri Dixit Nene, her performance in the series is nothing more than adequate. There’s no stealing the show for her, as she runs through the motions.

Sanjay Kapoor, who plays her husband Nikhil More, and Manav Kaul are not challenged enough despite their known prowess as actors, which is a big letdown.

It’s Lakshvir Saran who impresses the most as the depressed son of a superstar struggling to cope with his own set of issues. He successfully captures the angst and confusion that Avinash is going through. Deshpande is also one of the better performers as the gritty female cop.

Muskkaan Jaferi, as Anamika’s daughter Amara, and Suhasini Mulay, as her mother, impress in flashes.


The thriller aspect of the series works well. The disappearance happens at the very start and the clues start falling together, adding to the suspense with each episode.

The premise of the show is brilliant. The reality behind the glamour of actors is something that hasn’t been covered enough, and viewers definitely want more of it.

The music is placed in the current moments, whether it be a song from Anamika’s film or the closing shot of the episode.

The entire show has been shot beautifully to display the glamorous world of the Indian film industry. The cinematography is praise-worthy

Although dragged quite a bit, especially in the first few episodes, the show picks up in the important moments of the investigation.


Despite the excellent premise, The Fame Game is only a surface-level exploration of the secrets in actors’ lives. Affairs, breakdowns and drugs, are the cliches for such depictions.

The relationship-building never quite works out. Considering a lot of the show builds this up, it’s underwhelming at best.

The makers should have focussed more on authenticity and nuance. In one instance, Anamika doesn’t seem distressed or in poor condition at all after getting kidnapped. There’s just a little bit of dirt on her face.

It captures your attention but loses it later. There’s not enough to keep you hooked for every single minute, as some parts, like Anamika and Manish’s romance, are dragged.


The Fame Game never quite gets out of third gear. It’s definitely a better thriller than drama. Watch it for the investigation and mystery, but overall, it’s a missed opportunity for something greater. 

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