The Endless Night review: A heartrending portrayal of unending trauma

The Endless Night depicts one of the worst nightclub fires in history, which killed 242 people in Brazil, and its aftermath. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


On January 27, 2013, a large crowd of people gets trapped in a fire at a nightclub called Kiss when the musicians there use firecrackers that set the flammable ceiling on fire. Panic ensues, resulting in a stampede. 

Furthermore, the bouncer blocks the only exit of the club before the guests manage to get out of the burning building. Several of them do not make it out alive. 

However, even some of those who make it out in time develop breathing issues and do not survive. The first responders find the situation overwhelming, and 242 people lose their lives in the incident.

As the police investigate the case, the corruption and the negligence of the authorities and the people involved come to light. The parents of the victims come together to support the victims and fight for justice by forming the Association of Victims of the Tragedy in Santa Maria.

The association soon realizes that bringing those responsible for the tragedy to justice is going to be much harder than they initially thought, as the flawed legal system punishes the victims just as much as it punishes the guilty.


It is not just Thelmo Fernandes’ character that stands out, as stated in the show, his performance does that as well. He is passionate, lively, and uplifting, but in his moment of grief, the viewers see him fall apart. 

The frantic search of Paulo Gorgulho and Raquel Karro, who play Marco’s parents, for their son is one of the most poignant scenes in the show. They impress the viewers right from the beginning, as they go through a series of emotions in a short span of time.

Bianca Byington and Leonardo Medeiros’ performances highlight how exhausting the fight for justice can be. Their determination is accompanied by a sense of loss and fatigue throughout the show.

The brilliant performances delivered by the whole cast made it possible for the show to leave a lasting impact.


The depiction of the event itself is heartbreaking and terrifying, as the show introduces the characters in a way that makes the viewers relate to them, invoking concern for their safety as well as the fear of being in their shoes.

When such events are reenacted, it is important to be sensitive and not make them overly theatrical. This show does not overdramatize the event, the grief, and the recovery of the survivors or the parents of the victims; it keeps it as real as possible.

The show gives a unique view of the incident from the perspective of the overwhelmed first responders. It portrays them as humans who are not unaffected by the events they witness. The viewers get to see them trying to be strong to save as many people as possible.

The perspective of the parents is explored from different angles. Their desperation, their hopes, their grief, and their fight to get justice in order to bring an end to a night that has been haunting them for years will move the viewers. 

The show accurately brings out the flaws in the legal as well as the political system of the country; it makes the viewers understand, by getting them involved in the personal lives of the characters, why delaying justice is just as painful as its denial.


While the show gets the viewers invested right from the beginning, it loses its initial pace somewhere in the middle. The show would have been extremely gripping if it had managed to keep it up.

The courtroom drama in the show could have been executed better. There are too many details that are not explained properly; the viewers are expected to put the pieces together from a few passing statements here and there.


The Endless Night is not a show one could watch before bed. It is a harrowing drama that demands the full attention of the viewers. However, the depiction of the tragedy is handled in a sensitive manner. 

The viewers must watch it to see different perspectives of a single incident, how it affects different parties, and how it can bring out the flaws in our carefully created systems that are usually not visible.

The Endless Night
The Endless Night review: A heartrending portrayal of unending trauma 1

Director: Julia Rezende, Carol Minêm

Date Created: 2023-01-25 23:57

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