Tex Mex Motors review: A fun-filled and entertaining show for car enthusiasts

In Tex Mex Motors, Mike and his team hunt classic cars in Mexico, restore them like never before, and sell them to make a profit to attain their targeted goal. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


In the US, finding a well-priced classic car is now a thing of the past, but in Mexico, there is a gold mine of these cars. 

Mike and his team not only aim to track these cars down but also plan to turn them into one-of-a-kind masterpieces to attract buyers from the US. After all, the cost of these cars would be higher in the US. 

Mike’s team consists of individuals who dropped everything they had to set up at a shop in El Paso and dive into this business.

Scooter, the car scout, and Rabbit, the sales guru, go to different locations in Mexico and search for these cars, buy them at the best price possible, and bring them to the rest of the team.

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Mike, the shop boss and the painter, Wesley, the master fabricator, Jaime, the engine and electrical specialist, and Jenicio, the hardworking rookie, make sure to turn these cars into things of beauty. Mike’s team aims to make a $250,000 profit by the end of the summer by selling these restored cars.

With a lot of hard work ahead and problems that these classic cars from places such as junkyards could bring, it’s hard to tell if they will be able to achieve their goal and whether everyone will stick together by the end of the summer.


Tex Mex Motors, unlike many shows like these, has its goal set. There are no dedicated one-off episodes for a particular restoration of a car and its sale. The show is more about Mike and his team’s journey to their targeted profit.

This idea keeps a viewer hooked on the show. If every episode had spent time on a particular car, the show would have easily become redundant and something a viewer would stop watching and save for later.

Tex Mex Motors also works as a history lesson on cars for regular viewers and car enthusiasts alike. Whenever Rabbit and Scooter find a car, the series shows old footage and gives a glimpse of what makes this particular car special.

Following that, when the topic of restoring this particular car is brought into question, a funny animation details the vision of Mike’s team while they are discussing everything they are going to put into this car. The viewers may not understand several terms, but this animation gives them a clear idea of what Mike’s team’s vision is.

The duo of Rabbit and Scooter is probably the most entertaining thing in the show. Rabbit is made for this show; he knows how to handle the crowd, and his negotiation and business skills leave a viewer wanting more.

Scooter, on the other hand, is the funniest member of Mike’s team and a great partner to Rabbit. The rest of the team is full of responsible individuals who are not only working hard for their passion but also for their livelihood.


Tex Mex Motors has moments where one feels a scene has been shot again. The unnatural acting and twists at the right time can be guessed. Even if everything is real, the editing makes some of these scenes look fabricated.


Tex Mex Motors, as a reality show, promises a lot of fun and entertainment through Mike and his team’s journey. There is no drama, and the series is all about the passion Mike’s team has for classic cars and how they turn junk into beauty.

Tex Mex Motors
Tex Mex Motors review: A fun-filled and entertaining show for car enthusiasts 1

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