Take 1 review: Larger-than-life performances exceed expectations

Take 1 follows seven decorated Korean artists who are tasked to give a song of their choice the greatest performance and arrangement they can come up with. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


The creators of Take 1 approach seven artists from distinct genres of Korean music and ask them about the performance they would come up with if they had one last chance to take the stage before they die.

Take 1 is ready to allow these artists to come up with their vision and bring these performances to life, but there are a few conditions.

The artists are gifted with the Take One Clock that will tell them how much time they have left to arrange their performance. Therefore, they need to be prepared before the clock hits zero.

The artists are also inclined to choose only one song that they will perform live on stage, and that too, in a single take.


Each episode opens up giving a brief introduction to the artist and their path-breaking success. Thus, helping the international audience to get familiar with what they are about to witness.

Next, we see the interaction between Take 1’s creators and the artists themselves. It’s a treat to see how they reacted when they were first offered the opportunity.

The rest of the episode works more like behind-the-scenes footage to articulate how the vision the viewers are about to see is brought to life, and the time and effort it took.

Each artist being from a different genre brings something new to the table. Let it be busking in the middle of the water or using music to send the audience back in time.

The artists have really given their heart to these performances, as the outcome is larger than life.

Netflix has provided subtitles for the songs as well, which is a thumbs up for international viewers, who might not really know the language but came for the music.


The Take 1 clock presented to artists didn’t really add anything to the challenge the artists were up to. Yes, it did tell them about the time they had left, but the artists had an enormous amount of that to come up with a performance.

In the end, almost everything was set and ready before the last minute. The biggest challenge probably was doing it right in one take. Therefore, the time given was not exactly a big problem.


Take 1 transcends language and directly aims at music lovers and die-hard fans of the artists featured in this series, who are going to enjoy the creation and execution of the ambitious performances presented before them.

Take 1
Take 1 review: Larger-than-life performances exceed expectations 1

Director: Kim Hak-min

Date Created: 2022-10-14 12:30

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