Sintonia season 3 review: A Brazilian miss-or-hit narrative

‘Sintonia’ season 3 (2022) follows three teens living in the same São Paulo favela wherein they pursue their dreams while maintaining their friendship, amid a world of music, drugs and religion. It is currently streaming on Netflix.


Doni has found his way out, or so he thinks. His music career and his love life are both good and have taken him to Paris on tour. Nando is still in, but only barely; he has a path to a law-abiding life that he can’t wait to take. 

Rita has, through religion, found politics, though a specific kind of evangelical politics that puts the needs of her potential constituents at cross-purposes with the needs of her benefactor. As her boyfriend gets arrested and things get more complicated, she is distracted from her political career.

Nando, with his baby being born and trying to get rid of his past life, commits one last crime. He realises it would not be easy to get out of this life.

Doni, however, continues making mistakes albeit having the perfect partner. His mistakes lead his relationship to end.

While seeking redemption, each of the three friends makes changes. Rita gives up her political career to represent her community, and Nando focuses on his family and his new business, while Doni apologises to his girlfriend and writes a song for her that goes viral.


Bruna Mascarenhas, playing the role of Rita, delivers her role to perfection even though the dialogues given to her are redundant.

With Nando’s storyline, Christian Malheiros’s performance adds to the viewers’ interest and his body language keeps them guessing on what is next on his plate.

Doni’s segment fails to impress and with the lack of acting brilliance from Jottapê’s side, it falls flat.


‘Sintonia’ season 3 is honest and charismatic for its portrayal of Brazil, with both the good and the bad side. This kind of representation that the series provides is a major reason for it’s popularity.

The series incorporates other subplots in regards to interpersonal relationships, dreams & desires and more. From Rita’s political career to Doni’s affairs, it provides a variety to the plot.


‘Sintonia’ is full of cliched and predictable storylines and dialogues, which makes it difficult to continue viewing.

Part of casting does not seem fit to the storyline as the performance lacks the depth that the plot required. Doni’s performance, in specific, makes his character boring and unbearable.

The flow of the series could have been smooth and detailed, considering the variety of subplots. Instead, it contributed to cliched storylines and dialogues with its constant shift from characters to characters without delving in deeper.


‘Sintonia’ season 3 represents three essential components of Brazilian culture at its best – crime, religion and music, yet somewhere becomes a miss-or-hit when it comes to the narrative. The series is, however, enjoyable to a certain extent.

Rating: 2.5/5

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