Sintonia season 3 ending explained: What happens to Rita, Nando and Doni?

‘Sintonia’ season 3 follows three teens living in the same São Paulo favela wherein they pursue their dreams while maintaining their friendship, amid a world of music, drugs and religion. It is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

Doni is in Paris and trying his best to boost engagement that will keep him relevant in pop culture along with pursuing his craft. Rita from church has now taken the higher road to run for member of the City Council. Nando welcomes his second child and goes on to lead his powerful life.

Doni embarks on a different and dark journey that no one is aware of and Rita faces some serious problems in society. As for Nando, he gets a gun pointed at his end.

While Nando has been trying to be a legitimate businessman, even when he tries to focus all of his energies into his new business, a gourmet coffee shop, his criminal connections keep appearing, and he cannot get rid of them. 

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Nando and his girlfriend are ready to start a new life, but when Nando’s old boss comes collecting all favours and responsibilities, Nando knows he might not be able to escape. During the entire season, Nando plays two lives, the one of a normal person and the one of a ruthless criminal.

Rita is very much a character that is also trapped between two realities. Her devotion to the church has made her an important member of her community, and she always relies on God when she is lost, and doesn’t know what to do. 

When her boyfriend is arrested and accused of murder, Rita falls into something she never wanted to be. The wife of a criminal. And yet, the devotion she has to her boyfriend cannot be crushed.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Sintonia season 3 ending explained in detail:

Juggling two lives

Rita, Nando and Doni seem to be juggling between two lives as they struggle to leave their past behind.

Rita, having newly found her faith, decides it is time for her to get married. Soon after, her boyfriend is arrested for crimes he does not seem to have committed. She has to juggle between running for the role of a politician and focusing on getting her boyfriend out of jail.

Rita tries to find her boyfriend Cleyton through Nando, but his connections with the police fail to achieve as much. Meanwhile, he is also trying to juggle between trying to leave the life of crime behind and become an entrepreneur now that he has a baby.

Doni, on the other hand, is sent back on a local tour, wherein he works on a new hit but falls out with his producer over a gig. His lifestyle leads him to parties and drugs and alcoholism. Despite being in a committed relationship, he goes around sleeping with other women.

His bodyguard constantly asks him to look up the women before getting involved with them but he does not listen. Later, he turns to Nando after an affair lands him in hot water with the community.


Nando helps Doni out of his situation but later the same situation lands him in deeper water as his girlfriend Tally finds out about his affairs. She is devastated and breaks it off with him.

While Nando is trying to leave his past behind and focus on his family and support via his new business, the church decides to vote for Rita.

At his last gig, in Paraguay, Nando set in motion Messinho’s risky plan. He realises it is going to be difficult to leave this life behind and not just because of the external hold it has on him.

The three of the childhood friends seek redemption in their own ways.

As Cleyton’s trial begins, Rita starts to feel the campaign’s pressures. After the jury holds him guilty, Rita decides to leave this career behind, despite being threatened to be banished from the church community.

While Nando starts focusing more on his and Scheyla’s new business, Doni seeks redemption via writing a song for Tally as an apology. Tally forgives him and posts his song online, which goes viral without Doni’s knowledge.

Beginning of the end

While Rita remains devoted to a still-incarcerated Cleyton, she is less devoted to the church, especially when the locals in the neighbourhood she grew up in begin questioning her loyalties. She wisely decides to become a figurehead of her community instead.

As Doni gets back with Tally, Scheyla and Nando’s cafe business goes off. They hold their grand opening wherein the three childhood friends meet up and celebrate.

At the cafe, Scheyla and Nando deal with a serious setback. It is Nando’s attempts to go legit by making money through his swanky cafe that unites all the characters just in time for a compelling cliffhanger ending. 

Just as everyone gets together to have coffee, the police raid the joint, and while everyone surrenders, Nando’s armed goons turn up for a standoff. The season ends with gunfire and screams, though admittedly behind the credits so it is not clear what goes down.

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