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Sin review: Perversion with a difference

Telugu OTT app Aha’s new web series Sin has been created by well-known film producer  Sharrath Marar under his Northstar Entertainments. The web series is a remake of superhit Bengali thriller web series Hello, made by Hoichoi featuring Raima Sen, Joy Sengupta and Priyanka Sarkar.


Anand (Thiruveer), who works in Women Empowerment Cell of Social Welfare, is a sincere and hardworking employee. But on the inside, there is an animal in him which makes him a perverted individual.

Nandita (Deepti Sati), who gets married to Anand, starts to see and experience his true colours from the first night itself. 

Nandita continues to face not only one animal at her in-laws’ house but also another one in the form of her brother in law who had his eyes on her from the day she entered their home.

Nina (Jennifer Piccinato), who comes from the US to do voluntary work, gets acquainted with Anand. Anand, who cannot lose an opportunity, gets closer to Nina and accepts her proposal for marriage.

From here the story takes an unpredictable and interesting turn. Anand lands up in a peculiar situation and has to face the wrath of both Nandita and Nina.


All the actors have performed extremely well. But it’s Thiruveer who takes the cake with his brilliant portrayal of the character of Anand, which has two different shades. 

Deepti Saki, too, contributes well as an innocent girl who experiences pain and mental agony from the first day of her marriage.

Jennifer Piccinato is good in bits but needs to improve a little in emotional scenes.


Although this is a remake, director Naveen Medaram has adopted the story and treated it exceptionally well to make it suitable for Telugu audience.

Sidhartha Sadasivuni’s music is catchy and adds the much-required rhythm to the show.


Some lovemaking scenes which are a wee bit overloaded. The web series tackles infidelity but seems superficial in its approach. The issue isn’t explored deeply enough. There’s also a misogynistic undertone.

Worth it?

Domestic violence and sexual perversion are not new but Sin is different with an interesting angle embedded in it which cannot be missed.

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