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Naked review: Overwhelming murder mystery

A murder mystery, the lead investigation officer gets physically involved with the prime suspect who happens to be the victim’s fiancé. ‘Naked, Pornstar or Killer?‘ is an original series by MX Player and Vikram Bhatt which aims to find the truth. But, it may not be so obvious.


Rishabh Mehta (Rohit Chaudhary) is a rich hotelier who gets murdered at his porn star girlfriend, Natasha Kamra’s (Suparna Moitra) house soon after he proposes to her.

ACP Suraj Kadam (Aryamann Seth) takes up the investigation and in the process gets intimate with Natasha. Due to various developments that happen around the case, Suraj firmly believes that Natasha is innocent.

Meanwhile, Sapna Biswas (Tithi Raaj), a CID officer stumbles upon some concrete evidence to prove that Natasha is guilty but fails to prove the same in court as Suraj produces counter evidence to protect Natasha.

The needle of suspicion swings back and forth and Suraj learns many dark facts which surface during the course of his investigation as well as during his relationship with Natasha so that truth can prevail in the end.


Its undoubtedly Suparna Moitra as Natasha who steals the show with her sterling performance which exhibits various facets of her acting skills.

The character of Suraj was underplayed by Aryamann Seth who fails to impress. He needs a lot of improvement in his dialogue delivery and expressions. His sub-par display is not effective especially when he is playing a complicated character of a cop.


A neat and well defined screenplay by Srivinay Salian is brilliantly conveyed by director Anupam Santosh Saroj. They both succeeded in making Naked an engaging thriller by keeping the suspense element intact till the last minute without any lag. 

In addition, Naked gives a strong warning to all perpetrators of child abuse by focusing on this growing menace throughout the series.


There was no need to show Natasha as a porn star as her profession has nothing to do with the story at any point of time. It can be boiled down to a move to attract more viewers by adding a sultry element to the series.

Secondly, during an investigation of a case, another parallel investigation cannot be permitted by another agency. This aspect of the show is unrealistic and somewhat inappropriate as both the CID and police try to uncover this case in two different ways.

Worth it?

Apart from some minor flaws, Naked is a good and engaging thriller to binge during this lock-down period. It is definitely a must watch for all those who like well-crafted murder mysteries.

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